Finish Summer Strong….New Session Starts September 4th!

Yay!!  I want you all to come these next 2 weeks….get in a habit…up those days!  I PROMISE you are going to fall in LOVE with the results when you pair it with healthier eating habits!  If your package is done….still come!  You should have seen my excitement this Monday morning as the cars kept pulling in!  

Fall Session:  We are going to go September 4- October 26th….it will be 8 weeks long!!  If you can’t tell from the price breakdown, I’m trying to convince you to come more days…the difference from 2 days to 5 days is $85….that’s $3.50/day!  Come workout with me!!

5 Days- $285

4 days- $265

3 days- $240

2 days- $200

Extra Info:  Also…for those of you that haven’t heard, I am doing some nutrition accountability coaching.  I have my certificate as a Nutrition Fitness Specialist and I am finally trying to put it to good use!  If you would like to meet with me for some nutritional help I would love to do share with you what has worked for me and how we can adapt it to work for you!  I am also open to meeting with people that don’t come to bootcamp (so please share the word) and would like to just get their eating habits under control, minus the fitness.

Charge: $75 for bootcamp people, $100 for non-bootcampers.  This includes an hour of 1:1 time with me where we set up a plan for you specifically.  There are mulit-weekly check-ins for the next 6 weeks.

Hope to see you all tomorrow and the rest of the week!

Summer Session June, July, August

So….this summer we are going to have class 3 days per week.  I am going to teach on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I may throw some extra days in there, but I can’t be sure with the baseball schedules if I’ll be able to do Fridays….. and I HATE Mondays!  

This next session will be for the entire summer, all of June, all of July, and all of August. There is a total of 12 weeks…36 classes if calculated out. I already know that there will be NO class on Wednesday, July 4th, Thursday July 5th, Wednesday, July 18th and Thursday July 19th (Holiday weekend and baseball tourney).  So…I’m going to treat the summer like a 10 week session although you will get a couple extra days. I hope that makes sense! As of right now, as long as there are no conflicts (and I don’t plan a family vacation in the beginning of August) we will have 32 classes.   

The session will run from Tuesday, June 5th- August 31st.  We will re-evaluate the schedule in the Fall and add back in Fridays!  :).

The price breakdown will be:

Summer- 3 days Per Week- $330 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Summer- 2 day Per Week- $270 (You Pick…you get 20 days)

Summer- 1 day Per Week- $150 (You Pick…you get 10 times)

***If your son or daughter would like to start coming to class please let me know…there have been a few kids talking about coming and I can either look at moving the time later and will adjust the fees for them! ***


Wednesday, July 4th

Thursday, July 5th

Wednesday, July 18th

Thursday, July 19th

April/May Session Enjoy your time off!!

So…I am loving the 4 days per week option…it gets my butt out of bed and then I get a lot more work done at school, no more sweaty teaching.  I am also hearing that you guys like the option of an extra day to give you a little more flexibility in your schedule as well.  So, the 4 days per week will continue for the next session as well, it will go Tuesday-Friday again, except for one week, we will go Monday-Thursday, April 30-May 3rd.

The next session dates will start Tuesday, April 3rd-May 25th.  It will be an EXTRA week long….8 weeks rather than the typical 7 weeks.  I am planning on taking the week of May 29th- June 1st off, but that is still up in the air so we may start the summer session that week, I’ll keep you posted.

4 days per week = $265

3 days per week = $230

2 days per week = $190

walk in= $15 per class

Have a great Spring Break!

See you April 3rd!


New Session- More Days!! Bring on warmer weather!

Well, it’s a go…the new session starts next week!  However, there is one little hiccup….we are going to go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the first week….and then every other week we will go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

So, the day after the Super Bowl we will be having a workout…this may help to prevent some overeating and overindulging as you watch the big game.  On Friday, I have to be in Milwaukee for a gymnastics meet by 7:30 am….not enough time to workout on Friday, February 9th.

Remember, get a friend to sign up and commit for the new session and you both get 25% off!

Session Fees for February 5th-March 23rd:

4 days- $240

3 days- $200

2 days- $165

1 day- $95

Walkin- $15.00/class

There will be NO class the week of March 26th-30th!  Enjoy the break….



Why do you do it?

Why do you do it?  What makes you get up in the morning to workout at 5:15 am?  No reason is wrong.  I workout for a number of reasons, but all my reasons are not the same as your reasons.  I bet some of them are the same, but I bet a lot are different and that is 100% okay.

My personal reasons for working out at 5:15 am:

  • I am a CRANKY pants if I don’t.
  • I don’t want to go to a therapist YET and feel that this is a better option.
  • I like the way I FEEL after a workout.
  • I want my kids to value their health and feel they learn from my example.
  • I like seeing muscles in body.
  • I like that I take time for me.
  • I feel stronger internally after a workout, I can take on the day.
  • I want to fit in my current clothes in my closet.
  • I LOVE to eat and feel that this gives me a balance.
  • I like that I have made long lasting friendships from my classes.
  • I like that I can go hiking with my kids in Arizona and keep up.
  • I don’t want the extra 5 pounds to turn into 10 pounds.
  • I’m sure there are 100 more reasons, but I’m rushing!

What are your reasons for working out at 5:15 am?  Make a list.  Write them down! Post that list in your bathroom.  Post that list next to your bed.  Read it before you go to bed.  Read it when you wake up.  Write down 1 reason.  Write down 10 reasons.  Up to you, just write it down!  When we put it in writing it means more and has more value, it will hold us accountable.

Reminder, if you haven’t paid for this session we are in week 4.  This session goes thru February 2nd and the next session takes us all the way to SPRING BREAK!  Save money next session….get a friend to join us and you each get 25% off your session fee.

This week will be hard, it should be.  We deserved the break!  We will be fine and we will get back to where we need to be soon enough!  See you this week!


Congrats, Breakfast, Holidays!

December is here and the holiday parties have started!  It sure doesn’t feel like December, the weather has been amazing,  but that is about to end…hopefully we will at least get a little snow soon!

Congratulations to Tracee on winning the weight loss challenge…a free session!  Great Job!  Lisa got 2nd place with 1/2 off this session!  GraceAnn gets 25% off this session!  Way to go ladies!!

Don’t forget that Breakfast will be Friday, December 22nd right after class at Eggville Cafe!  District 26 and 155 are off school that day so no need to rush home to the kiddos….and some of you can take a quick shower to get ready for work, or heck follow my philosophy….NO SHOWER before work!

All of the advertisements are starting to come out…”start the new year off right”, “make 2018 great”, “get in shape in 2018”, “focus on you in 2018”.  Agghhhh…..why not start now?  Making the plan to start later usually turns into more procrastination.  This session carries you into the New Year….and allows you to be human and enjoy the holidays (although I hope you still do a little something over the break)!  IF you bring in a “newbie” there is $25 off your session fee and their session fee!

With the New Session starting TOMORROW…the schedule will be as follows:        Tuesday, December 5th                                                                                                                            Wednesday, December 6th                                                                                                                          Friday, December 8th                                                                                                                                    Tuesday, December 12th                                                                                                                          Wednesday, December 13th                                                                                                                        Friday, December 15th                                                                                                                                  Tuesday, December 19th                                                                                                                          Wednesday, December 20th                                                                                                                  Friday, December 22nd (THIS IS OUR BREAKFAST RIGHT AFTER CLASS @EGGVILLE)

NO CLASS—DECEMBER 26, 27, 29, January 2, 3, or 5th

CLASSES RESUME:  January 9th- February 2nd, 2018 on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday

SESSION FEES:                                                                                                                                           3 days Per Week= $200                                                                                                                             2 days Per Week= $165                                                                                                                              1 day Per Week= $95                                                                                                                          Walk-Ins = $15 per class


Lucky you…and a change for next week…lots of info in here!

Hi Everyone-

Sometimes the best laid plans are the WRONG plans…..that was the case with this session’s schedule.  I think I was SUPER motivated and not very realistic when I planned the dates for the next session.  I am going to extend the session for an extra week….so rather than the session ending November 24th, it will go thru December 1st.  I am adding a week.  I feel that a lot of people are going to be out of town and I really don’t like having class without all of you!

So…this week we have class on Friday, November 17th at 5:15 am.

Next week we will have class ONLY on Tuesday, November 21st at 5:15 am.

The following week we will have class on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY, December 1st.  THIS IS ALSO THE DAY FOR PEOPLE TO WEIGH OUT for the %of Weight-Loss Challenge!

The NEW SESSION will start December 4th….which means we have to get the Holiday Breakfast on the schedule.  With the way Christmas break falls this year, we are going to do our Breakfast (my treat) on Friday, December 22nd.  There will be a NEW LOCATION (cause some of us still have to work that day and get kids to school–me being one of them)….we are going to go to the new named, new refurbished, Eggville (used to be called Cary Restaurant).

With the New Session starting December 4th, we will have 3 weeks of class in December and then take off for the 2 weeks of Christmas Break (12/25-1/5) and start up again with a FRESH, CLEAN, HEALTHY NEW YEAR on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018-February 2nd, 2018.  Hopefully this makes sense!!


1- Eat Breakfast…you need to kick that metabolism into turbo gear!

2- Get a Workout in (Trout Valley Turkey Trot, go for a walk, search you tube for a quick workout video)…the more you burn the more you get to eat!

3- Drink your required water for the day (you lose at least 8 oz of water a day, replenish!)

4- Eat healthy throughout the day….Don’t starve yourself all day waiting for the BIG MEAL!

5- Eat slowly…don’t inhale your food…give your brain time to figure out you are full, I’m sure there will be leftovers!

6- Have dessert…YOU DESERVE IT!!

7- Go for a walk after dinner (or help with the dishes it burns calories too) or DO BOTH!

8- Enjoy the day—Never feel guilty!

I also want say that I am SUPER thankful for each and everyone of you!    I am thankful that you show up and trust that what I have prepared for class is going to help you be a healthier, stronger you!!  THANK YOU!!  Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


We are due….a NEW Challenge!! % Weight LOST by December 1st!

Yep, we are doing it and it’s starting now!  So, you need to weigh in by next Tuesday, October 24th.  The sooner you weigh in, the sooner you can start to lose the weight! The WINNER gets a FREE Session!  Of course there will also be a second place and third place award also- Second place gets 50% off the next session fee and Third place get 25% off the next session fee!


1- Must weigh-in at Bootcamp by Tuesday, October 24th (can weigh in this week also)!

2- Must weigh-out at Bootcamp on Friday, December 1st!

3- Person with most weight loss percentage wins!

We are in the second week of the session already….feel free to join us at anytime!  We have class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 5:15 am.  See you then!


Time Flies…new session already!!

Agghhh…..I am a mom of a freshman in high school and time is flying way too fast!  As time flies Ryan it is becoming more and more independent and with that I am having to let go of more and more control.  I know you all get it, some of you have kids that have graduated high school and college and can all still remember the day you brought him or her home from the hospital.  How did this happen?  I can NOT do this!  I don’t like this at all!  I want to stop the clock!!

As time flies, the list of excuses of why we aren’t working out continues to get longer.  Believe me, I’ve heard them all and I can probably relate to them all, but I’ve got to say that this group is pushing through all the excuses…attendance has been really good.

Can you believe that this next session brings us to Thanksgiving….oh my gosh!  I didn’t even realize that we had grinded out 21 workouts over the past 7 weeks!  Did you know that there are 6 Fridays until Thanksgiving and only 11 Fridays until Christmas?!?  What does that mean to us?  Well, that means we’ve got to make sure we focus on ourselves, keep yourself a priority, as we head into the holiday  season.  The holidays are so crazy that it is easy to make excuses, I want to make sure we put the work in at each class, eat clean (80% of the time of course), and get good sleep!

New Session-October 10th- November 24th

3 days per week- $200

2 days per week- $165

1 day per week- $95

Walk-Ins- $15


I held out for a LONG time….FALL back into a routine!

Beware..this is long….I’m in a meeting and writing and rambling…and as DW says, no one reads these blog posts anyway-the important stuff is at the bottom about session dates!

I LOVE summer!  I love the sun, the heat, the food, the drinks, and the I definitely LOVE the fact that I don’t have to go to work!  I  set my alarm 2 days per week!  The only problem with summer is that I don’t have a schedule or routine  and my “somewhat decent” eating habits go out the window!  Being a high school teacher, I am on the bell schedule and almost everyday is the exact same.  I eat my breakfast and coffee on the way to work, drink my shake during second hour, snack after fourth hour, lunch sixth hour, and eat a snack on the ride home!  I eat A LOT during the work day, but my food for the week is portioned and scheduled…NOT SO MUCH DURING SUMMER!

At the beginning of the summer…until about June 1st, I was weighing myself on a daily basis. You know what happens with your weight, it changes all the time, I can fluctuate five pounds from day to day.  I did NOT like the number that I saw so I decided then that I was NOT going to weigh myself this summer.  That notion held true until recently…. when I had to go in for a physical.  I swear the worst scale is a doctor’s scale (am I the only one that feels this way?)!

I went the entire month of June and the month of July not getting on the scale.  I knew I had gained a few pounds this summer and  I was okay with the weight gain…. most of the time.  I say “most of the time” because the extra “fluff” doesn’t seem to bother me until I know I’m going to run into a “frenemy”.

A “frenemy”, we all have them, those people that act like they are your friends, the ones who say how great you look to your face and then after they walk away they talk about how much weight you’ve gained, the wrinkles by your eyes or on your forehead, etc.   My brain starts to work overtime during these moments…. I start cursing myself for not weighing myself all summer, for NOT making better food choices, and I want to go back and not drink that IPA beer that tasted so awesome (it should have been a light..or vodka) or eat that DAMN cookie dough!  My mind starts racing with negative thoughts and I start saying stupid things that make me have low self-esteem and make me feel ugly.  Don’t get me wrong,  this has really only happened maybe 3 times this summer (as I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided to lessen my time with “frenemies” and hang out with people that love me ALL the time) and the mental breakdown only lasts for a few minutes, but it is still NOT fun.

Then, I remember, I’ve had an AWESOME summer! I’ve worked out almost everyday in some form.  I’ve kept my body active by taking long walks to Starbucks with friends.  I’ve enjoyed cocktails on my unfinished (never ending project) deck.  I’ve enjoyed dinners out with friends and family.  I’ve enjoyed festive parties with fabulous treats.  It’s been a GREAT summer!

Now that August 10th is here, I am on a schedule (I actually started August 1st!).  I am starting to reign in some of the bad eating habits (chips, cookie dough, etc) now, I like to do things a little more gradual than hard core!  I’m getting back to my 80/20 plan rather than a 50/50 plan I had this summer!

I know everyone says it, but I’m saying it anyway…. Summer went way too fast….again!!  I hate this!    I have LOVED being home with my kiddos this summer!  I am not sure why, but my kids are at this crazy age where it’s SUPER fun!! Maybe all the stages are fun, but I think our kids kind of like us right now and enjoy spending time with us…so that’s what we did, nothing big and awesome, just hung out…a lot….oh and got a PUPPY–meet Zoey!!


I sure hope all of you had a great summer also!  I loved seeing a lot of your faces this summer at workouts and look forward to FALL….ING back into a routine with all of you!

The Fall Session will start Tuesday, August 22nd!  

We start at 5:15 am and are done right around 6:05 am….leave when you have to leave!

We are going to have class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday—same schedule as last year!

The session will go from Tuesday, August 22nd- Friday, October 6th.  You can choose your package that suits your goals for the fall session!

3 days Per Week= $200

2 days Per Week= $165

1 day Per Week= $95

Walk-Ins = $15 per class