Hi Everyone-

My first website and I have no idea what I am doing with computers so please have patience!  I can’t believe that in less than a week from today I will be the new owner of  No Excuses Fitness in Cary, back to work as a teacher, coaching a U8 girls soccer team, and running 4 kids from one thing to the next!  I don’t know know how this happened, it just seemed to all fall into place and I feel so LUCKY!!!

I think I have someone up there looking out for me….THANKS DAD!

Beth Armstrong, the woman who started it all, has left me some amazing clients who are willing to give me a shot at this fitness thing while many of my close friends have been kind enough to come out and support me in this new adventure.

My family is in for quite the adjustment as I am no longer a stay at home mom, I am now back to teaching everyday at the high school and teaching 9 fitness classes a week….yikes!  But, if you know me at all, I love to be busy!!  That being said, I love to be busy and I can guarantee a meltdown!

The meltdown will be at home when my husband forgets to pick up his socks or put a dish in the sink because he was just too tired after coaching a flag football practice for PJ, picking Becca up from gymnastics, getting Ryan to and from soccer and baseball, giving Emma a bath and getting her to bed, all while making dinner (Mindful Meals of course), and I will lose it on him for something stupid-because I can and because I know he will love me in the morning…I can see it coming!!

Hopefully, you can come out for a class or two a week to blow off some steam with me….a friend recently told me she read in a book(as I tried to convince her to come to the early am class), “you are way more productive if you get up and workout in the morning”!  I 100% agree!

By the time my house starts moving, I’ve taught a bootcamp class (possibly a quick run after), answered some emails, had 2 or 3 cups of coffee, done the necessary bathroom stop (too much information I am sure) and even managed to change over the laundry-and that’s all by 7:00 am (keep in mind I am asleep by 9:30/10:00 at the latest).

Thanks for checking in,



Monday-5:15 am, 9:20am, 4:15pm, 7:00pm

Tuesday-5:15 am

Wednesday-5:15 am, 9:20 am,4:15pm, 7:00pm


Friday-5:15 am, 9:20 am

Saturday- 7:30 am

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