Today we did an Insanity inspired workout and the ladies ROCKED it!  It’s funny, you watch the insanity video and a couple of the people are stopping constantly to catch their breath…not the NO EXCUSES LADIES-it shows what great shape you are in!!  You were AWESOME today and we all could barely walk on Thursday from Wednesday’s strength workout.  Remind me next time I plan a Tabata Strength workout to make sure I have no big plans the next day…that was a great workout!  We will definitely be doing that again!!

I finished my first “real” job work week and I am exhausted.  I think the students take more out of me than the workouts do!  Walking around  in heels (had to switch to flats before I even got in the building) is a workout and my feet can’t handle it!  It was awesome being able to workout in the morning with a great group of people before I headed off to school this week, even though it was tough getting up this morning after the first day, I might have had a meltdown (along with my students).

I am still trying to figure out what I am going to eat during the day and when to eat, but that will come!  I teach 10:30am–2:30, right thru the lunch hours and then hurry out to get Emma  (my youngest-14 months).  By the time I get home at 3:30 I am starving- I dive into the first bag of anything (not very “fit” of me)!   Yesterday it was gummy worms, today it was veggie straws (a little healthier) and twizzlers (not good)!  Aghhhhhh!  I have to get that under control or all the workouts are going to do nothing!!

The freezer is full-Mindful Meals is here!  I grabbed a meal last night after I delivered to No Excuses, porcupine meatballs-, they are still delicious when you bake them a half hour longer than the directions say!  It is a good sign when the kids are still saying, “Yummmm!” as Jim and I have to take a few extra bites!! I also picked up some new meals, Chicken Fajitas and Buffalo Chicken Wraps.  Try them out!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you next week, especially those of you that will be new to me, but a past boot camper!!  I am hoping that we have a big turnout, tell your friends or drag them with you because a class of one is a little boring, not that a small class will stop me!!

See you soon-


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