Tabata Tuesday and Strength Wednesday

For those of you that came out on Saturday morning, only 2….Alicia and Adeline—-way to go!  We did another insanity inspired workout, but longer this time and they killed it!!

Labor Day was a blast from the past where my high school days were brought to the present, from a teacher’s wife to my high school girlfriends!  Thanks for making it out to try a class!

Getting up this morning was tough and I love the early morning classes-three days of sleeping until 7 was such a treat!  The tabata cardio kicked my butt today, hopefully the rest of you felt it too!  Gear up for tomorrow, lots of squats, lunges, and weights…hopefully we can all walk on Thursday!

Can’t wait to see everyone this week and looking forward to meeting many more of you!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new banner outside No Excuses, it should be here soon!!

Good night,




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