Monday Monopoly/Time Change

Who would have thought you could break a sweat playing Monopoly?  We can at no excuses.  The winner gets a free meal and you are playing in teams so at least two of you will go home with dinner on Monday night!!

Monday NIGHT EVENING CLASS will be at 5:30 pm!  I will also have a 7:00 class on MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY evening for anyone who emails me that they are coming.  This class has had low attendance, but I think it’s great for those working people who can check in at home and then spend a little time on themselves decompressing.  I am willing to move this time either earlier or later if that helps you….just let me know!

THURSDAY EVENING CLASS AT 7:00!  Come on in….it seems every meeting in the world is on Monday or Wednesday at 7:00 so we thought we would try and switch things up.

EMAIL ME with any questions, concerns, or suggestions…

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  GO BEARS!!

See you Monday!!

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