Week #4- Class Times This Week and Soapbox!!

I can’t believe it is week 4, the time is just flying!  Hopefully, all of you are starting to get back into the routine of running the kids from place to place, back in the swing at your own jobs (I know I finally feel like I can keep my head above water at my teaching job), and are finding a little time for yourselves!  It is so important to make yourself a priority!  Of course there will always be things that come first that day instead of ourselves, but you need to make time for YOU!  Take that time, go for a walk, run, sit outside and focus on YOU!!

This week-lots of classes….

Monday-5:15 AM, 4:15 PM, and 7:00 PM

Tuesday-5:15 AM—–TABATA

Wednesday-5:15 AM (strength), 4:15 PM (total body workout), 7:00 PM (total body workout)


Friday-5:15 AM

I’m an early bird so getting up for the 5:15 am class is good for me, I like to get the workout of the way and know that I put the time in, BUT I absolutely HATE  it when I am rolling out of bed!!  I even said to myself on Friday as I rolled out of bed that I was just going to instruct the 5:15 am bootcamp class and not participate!  Well…..

That didn’t happen!  That didn’t happen because an AWESOME group of people walked in that door and motivated me to DO the class with them!  I think I would feel like a total A– if I just stood there and shouted commands to a bunch of my clients working their butts off that early in the morning and I did nothing.

If you haven’t come to class because it’s too early or you are too tired I hope that you try one—for YOU!!  There is a great group that motivates me to get up every morning because they are doing it with me!  If you have thought about coming to the evening classes because that is when YOU function the best, please come!!  The other night a woman was there that brought some great energy to the class and I hope that she continues to come!

We need people that make us smile when we are pushing through those burpees and mountain climbers!!  We also need those other women that are there to get their bodies in the best shape they possibly can because they push us to get one more!!

I started bootcamp classes last January as a client at a friend’s AWESOME bootcamp in Arlington Heights!  You can thank her for the PUSH UP CHALLENGE!  When I started, I could do 6 modified pushups and 6 regular pushups in 30 seconds, that was my best!  Today, I do between 25-30 regular pushups in 30 seconds- on a good day (that isn’t always the case).  I have gotten stronger each day and that is my hope for all of you!!

My goal is for each of us to get stronger physically and mentally!  I think that the two go hand in hand.  One of my other favorite jobs is being a teacher of high school students on the autism spectrum.  For those of you that don’t know, a lot of times kids on the autism spectrum struggle with idioms or figurative language.  The other day, after a long rant, I told them I would get off my “soapbox”.  I had a bunch of blank faces staring back at me, they didn’t know what “soapbox” meant!  That was their homework for the evening, to figure out what that meant!  I had wikipedia and google answers the next day, but the best was the kids who asked what it meant that “Mrs. Weaver was on her soapbox”.  I am obviously on my “soapbox”….I want you all to BE STRONG, PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY!!

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