Please check in here each week….

My goal is to have the website updated at least once a week…hopefully more than that!  I am going to try and send out less mass emails, I think they can be kind of annoying to some of you, at least that is what my husband says!

To start…. classes this week are the same: 5:15 am all week except Thursday, 4:15 pm and 7:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday, and Saturday mornings with me.  Beth will still have her class at 9:20…..Make sure you email her if you will be new to her class or let me know if you plan on going to her class so I can let her know.


We are in week 5 of the first 8 week session and I know you are getting STRONGER!!  Those PUSH-UPS are paying off!  I am watching all of you when you think I’m not and I know you can do more than you could the first week with me!  We are averaging, based on your push-up count from 50-100 pushups per bootcamp workout!  Some days we go a little less because we are doing tabata or cardio, but we are generally getting at least 5o and some of you are even at @125 PUSHUPS!!  That is craziness!!  Way to go!!

This week we did a pretty tough strength workout on Wednesday, but when I looked back on it and talked with some of the group that was there, we could have pushed ourselves a little more.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am all about doing an exercise correctly at a lower weight.  I think it is RIDICULOUS to do an exercise at a heavier weight INCORRECTLY!  That being said, if we can do the exercise correctly at a lower weight without feeling completely exhausted, we NEED to move up in Weight!  It isn’t easy to move out of our comfort zone, heck, I like my 5’s and 8’s, but we need to push ourselves out of that comfort zone.  In other words, some of us SHOULD move up in Weight next Strength Workout!!

The three Weaver kids with the new banner….Emma was asleep, this is Ryan, PJ, and Becca (don’t mind the dirty floor behind them)!!!

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