Week 5/Promotions

It has been a busy Wednesday…I taught a class this morning at 5:15 am with 9 wonderful people!  I felt like absolute hell when I woke up this morning with a scratcy throat and felt like my head was going to explode…it was going to be a Strength day so I figured I would be able to opt out of a few exercises and maybe point out some technique tips!  Not this group, they rocked the exercises and in the mean time made me giggle lots!  We are going to have the best ARMS this Holiday season!  If you see any of us no excusers around town in tank tops in 30 degree weather you should know why….we have rockin’ arms!!  Our butts are going to look mighty good in those new skinny jeans too!  But really, I had no intent to workout today with this cold and because of the AWESOME group at my 5:15 am class I did.  Then, there was NO WAY I was going to do the afternoon class at 4:15 pm, I was just going to shout directives….nope, didn’t happen.  The ladies there suckered me in…I
thoroughly enjoy working out with all of you!  Last, I had one person coming to my night class, but there was a twist, she brought two 5th grader girls who wanted to do the class and THEY ROCKED!!  Way to go Madeline (hope I spelled her name right) and Kelly!

Tonight will be a good night sleep, rest tomorrow, a run with the baby and friend, and catch up for the crazy weeks to come….

If you have been debating about coming and can’t seem to figure out a time to come (all my newbies who say they are worried it might be too hard) I am starting a class for the next 3 weeks on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays at 9:10 am.  Class will be run for approximately 50 minutes.  For those of you that feel you are ready to ROCK and ROLL this class will still work for you….I’m just going to push YOU harder and faster!!  The newbies back to bootcamp will start slower, softer, and lighter!!  Bring the kids if you’ve got them, my Emma will be running around!  GIVE IT A TRY!!  THIS CLASS WILL BE A GREAT TRANSITION BACK INTO WORKING OUT!!!  COMMIT TO YOU!!  PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO GIVE THIS CLASS A TRY… lauraweaver5@gmail.com

PROMOTION #1- Refer a friend (past no excuser counts) and you both save $10!!
PROMOTION #2- Bring your own set of weights and save $5!  For each set of 5 lb., 8lb, or 10lb. weight set you bring in you save $5!!
PROMOTION #3- Teachers….get a group of 5 teachers after school for the 4:15 class and save $5, group of 10 saves you each $10!

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