SATURDAY @7:30 AM & COLUMBUS DAY @ 5:15 AM & 9 AM!!

Join us Saturday morning for a sweaty workout before the homecoming football game!  Bring in those college kids of yours to get them a little exercise ($5 for students)!!

There will be TWO workouts on Monday, one at 5:15 am (you guys wanted it!!) and  at 9:00 am!!!  I thought the 9 am class would be the only class of the day- you could sleep in and then come on in for a GREAT workout and enjoy the rest of the day off…..BUT you are diehards and I guess only some of us have off that day!  So….I will see you at 5:15 or 9:00 that day!!  Don’t forget, you can bring the kids, they can watch a movie, write on the chalkboard, or run around!!  They are always free!!

Next week:

Monday-COLUMBUS DAY-5:15 am and 9 am

Tuesday-5:15 am Tabata

Wednesday-5:15 am Strength, 4:15 pm (Tabata), and 7:00 pm

Thursday- 9:10 am (Bootcamp Light and ramped up for those that need a challenge)

Friday-5:15 am (Total Body Workout/Bootcamp), 9:10 am (Bootcamp Light and ramped up for those that need a challenge)

Saturday 7:30

There are people that want to come to the evening classes, but don’t want to be the only one or two people there, please email me if you would like to give a class a try!!  I PROMISE you will love it….well, maybe not love it, but like it and definitely feel like you got something out of it- your body will be begging for more!!  Email me and just say….I’m coming!!


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