1,500-3,500 PUSHUPS!! Weight Loss Challenge/Classes this Week!

Can you believe it?  Over the course of the 8 week session we are averaging from 1,500-3,500 pushups!  How?  There’s no way….oh yeah there is…and you had no idea!!  If you come 2-4 times per week your pushup average is around there!!  Think about it, push up challenge in 30 seconds you get @15 pushups, more or a little less for some, now multiply that by 3-that’s at least 45.   Of course those aren’t the only pushups we do in a workout, we do tricep ball pushups, or dragon pushups, or downward dog pushups, or spiderman pushups, or jack pushups….the list is endless! So….most of you are getting at least 100 pushups per workout multiplied by the number of days you come to class multiplied by 8 weeks….THAT’S INSANE!!  WAY TO GO!  Why is that so great?  The pushup is an EXCELLENT exercise for the ENTIRE BODY!!  You are working shoulders, arms, back, abs, and of course that wonderful CORE!

Hopefully I haven’t scared any of you off…. IF you want to come in for the next two weeks to give the class a try before the next session I can pro-rate the cost for you!  You can also buy a punch card.  Send me a quick email with the number of days you would like to come and I will let you know the best option for you!!  lauraweaver5@gmail.com

Today, Tabata Tuesday, I asked you to push yourself to your highest intensity level plus some and you did!!  It was so AWESOME to see so many of you there and pushing yourself and each other!  I thought Monday’s workout was tough and figured there wouldn’t be that many of you today….boy did you prove me WRONG…it was a packed house!!


Weight Loss Challenge- This is hard for me….my goal is for you to be HEALTHY!!!  I know that all of you are getting stronger each day that you come and I want that to be your focus!  I also know that some of us have a few pounds we’d like to get rid of and that’s why I think this challenge will be good.  So many of us work so hard for the hour that we are in the gym and then when it comes to food choices and quantities we SLIP.  This challenge will hopefully help us hold ourselves and each other accountable.  (Okay, I’m off my soapbox! :))

This is ONLY for those that WANT IN!!  Some of you are at YOUR BEST WEIGHT and this does NOT apply to you!  However, if you would like to lose those last five pounds with a group that will help motivate you then join us!  For example, I am comfortable with how my clothes fit and even my weight, BUT I do NOT make healthy food choices (a box of Krave cereal is not a good dinner) and would like to have you guys to help hold me ACCOUNTABLE!  I figure if I have to write down what I eat (honestly) I might feel better overall!

I have always said that I workout so that I can eat what I want, but lately I have been making some very POOR food choices (apple cider donuts).  We will be using an app (also a website if you don’t have a smartphone) http://www.myfitnesspal.com to try and stay connected with each other.   As we navigate this challenge, with the app, we may run into some unexpected problems, hang in there, this is new to me.  Please email me if you would like to be part of the challenge-lauraweaver5@gmail.com

So….there will be a WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE starting OCTOBER 22nd, 2012!  We must have a minimum of 8 people!

Your FIRST  weigh-in options will be:   October 18th—October 19th—October 20th—–October 22nd

That being said, I am a firm believer in weighing in on Friday or Saturday mornings so that I can at least have a free day over the weekend and then work hard all week!  I think we all deserve a cheat day!!   I think it would be in your best interest to weigh in on Friday or Saturday instead of Monday, but that is up to you!  Maybe you have more self control on the weekends because the week is crazy and a Monday weigh in works for you!  It is TOTALLY up to you!!

The following weigh-ins will be (try to stick to the same day of the week each week):

October 25,26,27,29

November 1,2,3,5

November 8,9,10,12

November 15,16,17,19

November 23 (day after thanksgiving-yuk), 24, 26




Wednesday- 5:15 am, 4:15 pm, 7:00 pm

Thursday- 9:10 am (I have people so come on in…it’s happening)

Friday- 5:15 am and 9:10 am (again, the 9:10 is a go, so come on in)

Saturday- 7:30 am (had a great group this past Saturday…join us!!)

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