Turkey Day and Workin’ off that Meal

Hi Everyone-

Just a reminder about class times!  Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, class at 7:30 AM. Friday, one class at 9:10 AM shop early and finish with a workout. Saturday, regular time, 7:30 AM. Monday will be 5:15 am and 9:10 am as usual.

Enjoy your Day!  You work hard on a daily basis so that you can enjoy the holidays!  I don’t even have to say, “Don’t go crazy!”  I know you won’t!  Make sure you eat a good breakfast though, we think we are saving calories for the big dinner, but it will cause us to eat more than we really wanted to.  Have dessert!  (they say there are two “s” in dessert because you should always have TWO!!)

Thanks for being so GREAT!!  See you in the morning!!


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