New Session Starts DECEMBER 3rd and Mini Bootcamp Info

The Holidays Have Arrived……

December 3rd Starts The New Session!!

This session will take us through the eating frenzy of the holidays!!  We need it!  We need the workouts to hold us accountable…we need each other to hold us accountable!  If you have been to my workouts you will realize that I love to talk about food, I give suggestions about food…. I would say 50% unhealthy suggestions and 50% healthy. Food is GOOD!!  We want to enjoy the holidays, we just have to find the BALANCE!!  We need to eat and we need to EXERCISE!!

I am one of the most honest people you will meet, but unfortunately where I thrive in the honesty department I lack in the tact department.  If you ask me a question, know that you will get an honest answer!!

Being true to me, I LOVE food!  I am that girl that will take that bite of donut, taste it, and then spit it back in the garbage….I know, so GROSS (definitely not the thing to do at a holiday party (lol))!!

I am also that girl that will obsess for the entire day if I don’t get a good workout in!  I workout to EAT (and also indulge in a few cocktails now and again)!!  That being said, I don’t eat a double cheeseburger at McDonald’s, or anywhere for that matter….but I do take a bite of my husband’s burger and snag a few French fries while I’m at it!  I try to pick and choose!  Eat some fruit and veggies, and then have some chocolate chip cookie dough while I make cookies for the kids!

The holidays are a time for eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends! At No Excuses we can talk about all the great recipes we have, gift ideas, outfits we hope to fit in, and trips we are going to take WHILE we get a KICKBUTT workout!! 

The New Session will run six weeks December 3rd  thru January 12th!

The cost will be $110 (the same) for an unlimited 6 week membership.  The weeks over Holiday Break (for all you teachers) will be a little different, but hopefully accommodate everyone!


The Promotion (for unlimited and 2 day packages) to offset a small increase for the next session starting January 14th($10) is that I AM GOING TO PAY YOU TO COME TO CLASS THIS SESSION!  WHO DOES THAT?  Well….Beth did, and I thought it was a great idea so I thought I would do it again!!  Every time you come to class I will take $1.00 off your next session fee, a maximum of $3.00 per week.  That means if the fee for the next session (in January) is $120 for 6 weeks unlimited and you came to class three days a week (this session) you are getting $18 off the $120….for a total of $102.00 for the 6 weeks. That’s still less than the rate now!  The price increase will not affect anyone who comes to class! I hope this makes sense….if there are questions or problems with this please talk to me!!

PRICES FOR December 1st-January 12th:

Unlimited 6 week- $110

2 Days Per Week- $85.00

2 Days Per Week + Saturdays= 100.00

Punchcard= $80 for 10 classes (must be used within 8 weeks)

Walk-Ins= $10

Haven’t been to a class at No Excuses in a long time…..

IF you haven’t been to a class yet, ASK PEOPLE WHO HAVE…..are they seeing changes? Do they feel stronger? Do their clothes fit better?  What’s different?  I PROMISE, IF you commit to 2 days a week for 6 weeks you WILL feel a difference!!  Even if you come only 1 day a week, give it your all, you will get stronger and you will see and feel a difference!!

Schedule For DECEMBER 1st– January 12th ($110)

Monday- 5:15 am, 9:10 am

Tuesday- 5:15 am, 4:15 pm (except 12/25/12, 1/1/13)

Wednesday- 5:15 am & 7:00 PM***

Thursday- 9:10 am, 4:15 pm, 7:00 pm***

Friday- 5:15 am, 9:10 am

Saturday- 7:30 am

****CLASS WILL EITHER BE WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY (Only one night)—Please email me which night would be better for you!!  This class must have 4 people to run at this time******


Everything stays the same, except no 4:15 class on Tuesday and Thursday over BREAK (Christmas and New Years Day)for the Teacher Group.  Hopefully, they can come to the 9:10 class during the week or any other time slot!


ALSO….PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING AND I AM GOING TO DO A MINI BOOTCAMP FOR KIDS OVER BREAK!   The presents will be unwrapped, played with, and tossed to the side and the kids will be saying what’s next?  The answer, send them to bootcamp for an hour with me to get some exercise!

Who can take the Classes- 1st Graders and Up- Boys and Girls

Dates/Times:    From 10:10-11:10 am     Thursday, December 27th and Friday December 28th, Monday, December 31st, Wednesday, January 2nd, and Friday January 4th

Cost:  Sign up and pay by 12/21- $25 for five days

After 12/24 or day of- $35.00 for five days


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