If you think bootcamp is hard….

Let me start by just saying that if you think bootcamp is hard…try keeping up with the twenty somethings in the city!  I had a girlfriend’s weekend in the city and we have decided we are OLD!!  (If you want to skip the narrative of the girls weekend, scroll about half way down the page!) 🙂

The first challenge of the night was trying to find something to wear and what a better place to look for a 36 year old mother of four than Forever 21!! HA!!  lol!  I wanted to look like I knew it was 2012 and not 1990, but I also didn’t want to be “that” chic that was trying to look like she was 20 when she definitely wasn’t….a hard task at this store.  (By the way I did save a 15 year old girl’s life while I was there too…not literally, but in her world I did—-I found her iphone!!)

The outfits were found….a dress for me, adorable black sparkly tops for two of my girlfriends, and a great holiday shirt for the last!  It was a good stop!! We were happy with our purchases, but we were now sweating and starving, and dinner wasn’t for  5 hours!!  I guess only “cool” people eat after 9:00 pm  in the city!!

We stopped at a few more stores on our way to a restaurant for a cocktail and small bite to eat.  When you are walking in the city you don’t realize how far you’ve gone until you have to walk back…oops!  We headed back to the hotel after a cocktail and a small margherita pizza to get ready for the night!

We had reservations at Sunda (an asian fusion type restaurant) at 9:00.  Of course, the first (and only) guy who hits on us is a 67 year old divorcee sitting at the bar on his birthday.  The food was great!  I don’t eat sushi, said I would try it before we went, but then saw it on the table and just couldn’t do it.   There were many other menu options to choose from.  Lucky for us the owner of the restaurant was friends with the table next to us and  took an interest in our table.  Needless to say, the rest of the evening the cocktails arrived without question and food we hadn’t ordered was sent over for us to sample….I guess those Forever 21 outfits paid off!!

After dinner we went to a couple of “hotspots” around town and had a great time (again, the oldest girls in the place-if felt that way at least)!  What do girls like to do after they have had a few cocktails…take pictures of themselves and DANCE!  So, that’s what we did, we made each other laugh A LOT, danced, and took pictures of ourselves!!  It was a VERY FUN night, but….

I am HURTING TODAY! (Excuse any grammar errors today…my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity)

SCHEDULE-The Third Session Starts Tomorrow Monday, December 3rd!  The class schedule will be almost the same!

I will NOT be having an evening class due to LACK OF INTEREST!  IF you are interested in coming to class and know of others that would be interested in having class, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE CLASS- I have heard from a few people that would like to come if we can get a big enough group.  PLEASE email me if you would like to come to class on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS!!  I am flexible with the time if need be…usually we go 7pm-8pm.  lauraweaver5@gmail.com

Monday-5:15 am and 9:10 am

Tuesday- 5:15 am and 4:15 pm

Wednesday- 5:15 am (No evening class until I hear from 4 or more people)

Thursday-9:10 am and  4:15 pm

Friday- 5:15 am and 9:10 am

Saturday- 7:30 am

I will put up sign up sheets for Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.  We start early in my family on Christmas Eve (9:00 am) and want to check out what times are good for you guys and your interest level!!


Dana has won a free 6 week session!!  Everyone that participated in the contest lost weight and have said that their clothes fit better and they are getting stronger!  Way to go!  Everyone that participated also earned money off this session’s fee based on the amount of weight they lost.  Look for another weight loss challenge in January!!

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