We have got to stay on track….

That’s at least what I keep telling myself….. If I put in the hard work at class—- I can indulge at the parties!  The problem comes when my body is starting to get worn down (the running around like a crazy lady, screaming at 1st grade basketball games like a lunatic, jumping the minivan 3 times since Friday, and still praying there’s no mice running around the garage)  Rather than giving 100% at the gym I only give 70% and then I give 100% to eating!  Ooops—that’s not the way it’s supposed to work.  We have to put the effort in at class so we can enjoy the parties this holiday season!

Some helpful tips: Try to drink lots of water during the week, it tends to be easier when you are at work or running errands in the car to drink that bottle of water.  Those mochas and lattes are great in this cold weather, try to limit yourself.  My goal is one every other day (not that I always do that), but at least it will benefit both my waistline and pocketbook!!  Have those snacks ready for when you walk in the door after work… I usually head right to the bag of chocolate chips in the pantry, but bought some cucumbers today and fat free popcorn has been the new after school snack at our house.

This weekend was another holiday party where I got to get dressed up…this time no Forever 21 shopping, but I did get a cute shirt from Charming Charlie….it did kind of resemble a doily (you know one of those old school furniture accents your grandma has….they are in now….LACE is IN…at least that’s what they are selling in the stores :)).

I did pull out the Holiday RED heels (or the Vegas heels as I like to call them).  I only wear the red heels during the holiday season and they were a perfect touch to the black and white outfit!  I really should take a picture of these outfits that I claim to think are so cute, but if I don’t have evidence then you can just assume it was really cute and take my word for it!  lol!

Prior to the party we headed to the Tracks for dinner and I have found a new favorite sandwich, the chicken Caesar sandwich (thanks to JH)…no worries, the dressing on the side.  It was delicious!  I did manage to only eat a few!

This week we had some killer workouts, “Jack that Cardio” workout kicked my butt and I couldn’t lift my arms above my head until Thursday from silly jumping jacks.  Tuesday’s Tabata was tough and Wednesday’s strength workout was a good balance.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I planned Friday’s workout, but either I was way OFF my game or that was one HARD workout!!

That being said….tomorrow’s 5:15 AM workout will be GREAT!!  Who is up for the challenge?  Don’t worry, for those of you that hate the burpees in the workouts there is an option to do something else-pick your vice!! Don’t worry you 9:10 and 4:15 ladies…the classes will be pushing you to your limits, but only so far that your body wants to keep coming back!  

A gentle reminder….focus on form.  I would much rather you do 5 push ups with good form than 10 that look like crap….

As my dad always said, “If you are going to do it, do it right!” (I think he might have had a few other choice words in there too, but I’ll leave those out.)


REGISTER BY DECEMBER 21ST AND SAVE!!  If you can only do some of the classes, that is fine, we can work it out!!

Who can take the Classes- 1st Graders and Up- Boys and Girls

Dates/Times:    From 10:10-11:10 am     Thursday, December 27th and Friday December 28th, Monday, December 31st, Wednesday, January 2nd, and Friday January 4th

Cost:  Sign up and pay by 12/21- $25 for five days

After 12/24 or day of- $35.00 for five days


Now is the time!  You may look great in those holiday dresses, but are you STRONG?  A recent article on yahoo talks about women and strength training!  Check out the article (http://health.yahoo.net/experts/yourbestfitness/why-women-dont-should-lift-weights). In every single one of the workouts at No Excuses there is some form of strength training and we spend one day on it for 45 minutes straight on Wednesdays at 5:15 am!  Your body needs you to put the time in if you want your body to return the favor in the long run!


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