Not sure what to say….

I’ve tried to sit down and write this a few times today and I am not sure what to say.  Being honest, I feel like the weekend was a whirlwind!  The craziness started Thursday with a mercedes and a camper and is winding down now after 7 basketball games, a delicious brunch with high school girlfriends, two Christmas parties for work, and a few workouts crammed in there.

Although it was a crazy weekend filled with friends, kids, fun, and love….there was an unmistakable sick feeling in the pit of my stomach all weekend long.  I would look at my facebook page and a new post about a victim from this weekend would pop up and I would just start to cry.  I am so sad for all of the families who lost a loved one on Friday.  I really couldn’t even watch the reports on the news, I couldn’t stomach it.  I do not want to give any attention to the killer and want to focus my prayers and thoughts for the families who lost innocent children and family members so I left the television off.

I think back to Thursday’s 9:10 class when I walked in to No Excuses to find a Mercedes and Pop-up camper parked in the gym where I was expected to teach class. The owner of the building had torn down an existing closet space and put a camper and car in its place.  At that moment, THAT was a BIG deal! Unfortunately, there are things like Friday’s vicious act that puts everything in perspective.  Being honest, I really don’t need or want any more reality checks to let me know that life is short and I should cherish the blessed moments I have.  I get it.  I have a wonderful family, a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful children, and great friends.  I get it, I am lucky!  But, I ask myself, why not me?  Why them?  Why am I so lucky to have this great life?

This week….

Classes will run as usual-

Monday-5:15 am and 9:10 am

Tuesday-5:15 am and 4:15 pm

Wednesday-5:15 am

Thursday-9:10 am and 4:15 pm

Friday- 5:15 am and 9:10 am


Monday, December 24th- 7:00 am class ONLY!!

Tuesday, December 25th- NO CLASS

Wednesday, December 26th- 6/7:00 am (we need to vote)& 9:10 class

Thursday, December 27th- 9:10 CLASS

Friday, December 28th- 6/7:00 am (we need to vote) class and 9:10 class

Saturday, December 29th—–7:30 am

BOOTCAMP FOR KIDS….who is in? Email me if you are registering your son/daughter for bootcamp!  Must have a minimum of five to run!


Note:  If you haven’t filled out a registration form and consent form when you registered, please do so.  I have a bunch on my cabinet and will put some more out.  I am trying to update my files and make sure I have correct addresses and contact numbers before the weather gets too cold.  Don’t forget to put your cell phone number on there so I can text you if there is bad weather.

DON’T FORGET I PAY YOU TO COME TO CLASS!! EVERY TIME YOU COME…$1.00 OFF NEXT SESSION FEE!!                                                                                       (unlimited & 2 Day Packages only-max $18)

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