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The New Year is starting, and it is time to focus some attention on YOU!!  There are those of you that come to No Excuses religiously and do an AWESOME job.  There are others that come when you can which is GREAT!!  There are also those of you that have said you want to get in, but just haven’t yet!  I get it!  We are all so busy – running the kids from thing to thing, trying to attend a school board meeting, basketball practices, dance class, tutoring, etc… The list goes on and on.  Where are you on that list?  Somewhere at the bottom I am sure.

I recently got a children’s book as a gift from a client called “No Excuses.” The little boy in the book wanted to be a marine biologist and everyone was telling him how hard becoming a marine biologist would be.  It was a lot of schooling, they were a family of farmers, it would cost a lot of money, and maybe he wasn’t smart enough.  It was unfortunate how easily and naturally the excuses came out of their mouths— excuses based on experience, BUT EXCUSES!

Think of yourself and EXERCISE, the EXCUSES we have all had:

1.  Oh, it will take too long to see results.

2.  I have to get the kids to their events.

3.  That’s too early to get up in the morning.

4.  I don’t want to have big muscles.

5.  I’m too tired at the end of the day.

6. Exercise isn’t the answer. It’s what I eat.

7.  It’s going to be too hard.

8.  I’m not strong enough for the class.

9.  I will barely make it thru a class.

10.  I will do it on my own.

There are are a bunch of EXCUSES not to workout or come to class, but there are bunch of REASONS why YOU SHOULD too:

1.  It will take some time, but nothing good happens overnight, hard work pays off!

2.  There are plenty of time options to choose from, bring the kids with you (I do!)

3.  Yes, it is early, but do it for a few weeks and you will be hooked!

4.  You will only get big muscles if you want big muscles!

5.  The exercise you will provide your body 2/3 times per week will be a BOOST!

6.  You are right, exercise isn’t the ONLY answer, but it DEFINITELY helps!

7.  The classes are modified for all ability levels, challenges for the INSANE and modifications for the newbies!!

8.  The point of the class is to make you strong!  You aren’t supposed to come in strong!

9.  You are right, the first class will SUCK and maybe even the second, but you will be doing more than you did the day before and that’s SOMETHING!!

10.  You haven’t done it on your own yet, TRY this setting…SEE if you like it!!!

What do you get when you come to No Excuses?

Well, lucky for you, you get to see my happy shining face every time you come. LOL!  Unlike other places where you get a different instructor for different classes, you get me…the same face, the same voice.  Yep, you’re right, that could be really annoying if you don’t like me… BUT, hopefully you will LIKE me.

The good thing about having me every time you walk through that door is that I know exactly what you did in yesterday’s workout.  I know what workout you will be doing the next day.  I know if you pushed yourself hard the day before and today you need to ease off a little.  I know if you didn’t push yourself as hard as you could have the day before and that I can push you a little more.  I know that a family member is sick and for you to get out of bed and be at the workout has taken a lot and that’s enough for that day.  I know that you are sore in some places that have not been worked in a long time.  I know that you aren’t comfortable having relay races in front of a group of people.  I know that you don’t like to be called out or corrected in front of others.  I know that you do like to be corrected and want to be sure you have correct form.  I know that if should be using lighter or heavier weights.  I get to know all of you on a personal level.

I like to call No Excuses a “mom and pop” shop.  I don’t want to be a BIG business!  I want to form friendships and relationships with all of you and enjoy my “side” job.  Lucky for me, No Excuses isn’t something that I am doing to make the big bucks.  I have that job, teaching.  Oh wait, that’s not the big bucks either.  Anyway, I get to exercise with a great group of people on a daily basis and help others get stronger in the process.  I truly enjoy what I am doing right now.  When I don’t enjoy it anymore, I will walk away.  I have that ability being a “mom and pop” shop.

So…if you are looking for something to start off the NEW YEAR, give it a shot!  Come in and try a class!  Commit to yourself for 6 weeks!

Spring Break is 12 weeks away, that is motivation enough!!


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