Oops! Class at 7am and 9:10 New Year’s Eve!

Sorry 9:10 ers….I forgot to put the 9:10 class on for tomorrow, New Years Eve.  I will be having class tomorrow, New Years Eve, at 7:00 am and 9:10 am.  Tomorrow is also registration for the Cary Half Marathon, scheduled for March 17th.  Although I haven’t been running near the mileage I have in the past, I am still going to attempt the run.  I know if I don’t sign up for it I will be kicking myself later!  Registration is at 6 am for any of you that are interested.  I can help with a running plan if you think are interested in attempting one for the first time!!

Join us for class tomorrow….start that NEW YEAR PLAN ahead of the game!  I am still offering the two week unlimited for $35, the NEW YEAR MINI BLAST!  A few of you have taken me up on my offer and that’s AWESOME!  Why not try it out for two weeks, see if you like the classes, are they the same, are they different, do you like me, are they fun, are there people I know and feel comfortable with?  Give it a shot, even if you are part of another gym, try it for two weeks!  $35 for unlimited classes for two weeks!

Classes for the rest of the week:

Monday- 7:00 and 9:10

Tuesday- OFF

Wednesday- 6:00(Strength)

Thursday- 9:10

Friday- 6:00 and 9:10

Saturday- 7:30

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