Set Your Alarms! New Session Starts Soon, You Can Start Now!!

SET YOUR ALARMS!!  5:15 AM Tomorrow!  I felt like the last two weeks was a great break, but it really messed with my body clock.  I thought letting my body sleep a little longer would be nice, but I have a feeling this week I/we are going to pay! I DO know what the big difference will be, I have to start going to bed earlier again…..8:00 tonight!! (Yeah, right.)

Of course, being honest, I have also managed to get in at least an hour nap almost every day over break….that is going to be hard to give up!   I know, you are thinking how does she get a nap in with four kids running around?  Very easily, I put Emma down for her nap and either ship the kids off to a neighbors (sorry guys) or it is TV time at the Weaver house. (Mom of the Year Award goes to Me again…oops!) I put naptime way higher on the priority list than I put cleaning the toilet (I’m not sure that even makes the list )!!

Can you believe it?   It is January 6th, 2013!  Yikes, 6 days into our New Year’s Resolutions….I’ve all ready cheated at least 50 times.  I am trying to give up or at least trying to cut back significantly on the amount of sugars and carbohydrates I eat.  I have cut back, the headaches are a sure sign of that, but I am not where I thought I would be.  Those DAMN chocolate chips!  Just because I have cheated I am not going to give up or stop.  I may not do it perfectly and I will have my not so good days, but I know that it is better for me and I am going to continue to work on it.  Uh oh….here it comes…..Laura’s No EXCUSES soapbox…..

I hope some of you have made the resolution to be a healthier you and it is off to a good start!  No, I didn’t say a skinnier you, I said a healthier you!  Honestly, I like stronger, but I think healthier and stronger goes hand in hand.

There are so many of you that have said that you want to come to class, or you have heard about the classes, or you want to come but just can’t, or you REALLY NEED to, BUT……

WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?  Tell me what you need.  Do you need a different time slot?  Do you need a little “pre workout” meeting prior to your first time so you feel comfortable with the workout?  Do you need me to email you the workout the day before so you know what to expect?  Do you need me to save you a spot in a specific spot in the room?  TELL ME!!  I want to help you.

A few of you took me up on my mini blast for the New Year.  Awesome!- $35 for 2 ½ weeks of classes!  GREAT!  What about the rest of you that are on the fence, you want to come, but haven’t walked through that door.

START THIS WEEK- a MINI-MINI BLAST (one week unlimited classes for $20)!  ORRRRRR….start a week earlier than the next session starts (January 14th for 6 weeks) and COMMIT this MONDAY for the next 7 weeks ($140 unlimited classes…if you are over eager you can come twice a day (lol))!


1-Bring some thin gloves for the weights, the metal weights get really cold. (I thought everyone was exaggerating when they told me how cold the weights get…they weren’t exaggerating-the weights are COLD!)

2- The new session starts January 14th– I’ve been keeping track of who came this session and I am taking it off your cost for next session. How nice to be paid to come to class.  (I will email you or text you your total for next session by next Sunday)

3- Refer a friend!  The more the merrier!  There’s always a discount for you!

4- Wednesday NIGHTS are back next Session- 7:00-8:00 (may move the time a little to meet everyone’s needs….we will vote on JANUARY 16, 2013)

5- Have song suggestions or a great playlist you want played.  Burn it to a CD and I can put it on my itouch…My music is getting old!

Can’t wait to see you all bright and early tomorrow morning!!  9:10 Group- Let’s get back at it, no more cars or campers!  Teachers I will see you Tuesday at 4:15!

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