Super Bowl, Layer Up, Great Workouts

Well…..I didn’t even know which teams were in the Super Bowl, but I knew the coaches were brothers and there was a relationship to the Indiana Men’s Basketball team, but I still had no idea which two teams were actually competing.  Of course everyone else in my family knew who was playing, well maybe not Emma, but Ryan, PJ, and Becca were getting ready for the big day making posters. All I really cared about was the FOOD, commercials (yikes they were provocative…they do know that it is a family show, right?), and half time show (boy Beyonce can move and she definitely sang that one on her own…not that I care)!!  The food was delicious and yes I ate wings, pizza, rice krispie treats, buffalo wing dip, salsa and chips, and had a couple of beers!  They all tasted fantastic and I have no regrets….well one, I wish I would have had one more rice krispie treat!  I have always said that I workout so that I can enjoy life and that is what I did tonight!  I know that tomorrow I will have to get back on track, but today was worth it!  I think I actually like the Super Bowl food better than Thanksgiving food….hmmmm….

On a side note, just to share, Jim and I had date night this weekend.  We were going to go out Friday night, but it was way too cold and Fridays are hard to get motivated for after a long work week.  We managed to score a last minute sitter on Saturday so of course, we went all out, we went to the Tracks!  We were livin’ it up for the hour and a half we were gone!  Actually, we had a great time! In my early days at PHS (Palatine High School) I once was told by a colleague (a married man of about 20 years) that he could always tell the married couples at a restaurant, the couple didn’t talk much through dinner and would just “stare” off watching the other patrons (his point was that there was nothing to talk about if you were married and that you didn’t have fun anymore!)  That was not the case for us, I was literally laughing so hard I was crying.  I feel like when we get to go out to eat, even if it’s just for an hour, we get to fall back in love again.  Our days are so busy and we barely have energy (especially me) at the end of the night that we just crash!!  It was a much needed night and was a lot of fun!!

Workouts this past week were great…Monday got us going for a great week, Tabata was Ridiculous, Strength Wednesday was lots of reps, and Friday’s 1,000 Rep Workout—what can I say, that was good!  Saturday Morning’s workout topped off the week….a blast from the past!  I am looking forward to this week…let’s keep the body guessing!

Nutrition Plans…..For those of you that have told me you wanted in on the nutritional log you are in….get me your three day logs and I will look them over.  I met with my first “guinea pig” and I gave some suggestions.  Like I said, most of you will realize what you have to cut out by just completing your three day log.  The only thing I get to do is offer some suggestions….some suggestions that I also TRY to practice on a daily basis.  DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified dietician.  This information is based on my research and my beliefs and are only suggestions.  (Just wanted to put that in there in case you were wondering. :))

LAYER UP THIS WEEK….I never know what is going on with that darn heater.  The thermostat said 71 degrees this week and there was NO WAY!!  One day it said 42 degrees and felt like 80 degrees!

Class Times are the SAME!!!  Check the schedule!!  WEDNESDAYS ARE STILL GOING STRONG!! SATURDAYS AT 7:30 AM!!

Some things I made this week…

The Egg Omelet (I make this individually)

Lots of veggies in a little skillet pan and let the veggies get soft.  Add some spinach at the last minute, spinach cooks quickly.  Add some egg whites so that the veggies are almost covered.  I added some parmesan cheese too!

IMG_2547 IMG_2548

I also make the EGG OMELET FOR THE WEEK:

First I spray the pan with cooking spray.  Load up the bottom of the pan with any veggie you like.  I try to use fresh vegetables if I can because the frozen makes the egg dish watery.


I also add in some chopped turkey meat for a little protein and cover with a carton of egg whites.


Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for @ 45 minutes.

IMG_2567Separate into pieces to take for lunch/snack this week.

FRUIT SMOOTHIE (look at that baby in the back…isn’t she cute?)

Again, there is no real recipe.  A friend of mine talked about this kale smoothie and even made me one and had her husband deliver it one morning…it was delicious!  I have tried to replicate it best I can, but I am not a good rule follower when it comes to directions so I kind of do what I want.  Needless to say, the color of the smoothie is never the same.  Sometimes it is green, sometimes pink, or red, or sometimes brown and I have no idea what I am drinking.


All you need is fruit, fresh or frozen.  I use some frozen kale (costco), but you can use fresh.  Add some juice (the more natural the juice the better) and then IMG_2558throw in some fruit.  I have done strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, banana, blueberries, mangos, etc.  Mix it up.  Try NOT to use lots of juice, that’s where the calories add up!  ENJOY!!


I get the steel cut oatmeal from the frozen section at Costco.  $8.00 for a box of 8…..It is AWESOME!  Throw the oatmeal in a bowl, heat for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, add some fruit and a little brown sugar and you have a great breakfast!  IMG_2573IMG_2574

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