Valentine’s Week/My issues/Raise the intensity!!

Hello Everyone- Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The schedule changes a little bit this week….There is no 4:15 class on Thursday, February 14th.  No, not because I have an awesome date planned with my gorgeous husband, he is actually working that night…..there are teacher conferences that week and most of the class is teachers.  We are going to have class on Wednesday at 4:15 pm instead, so feel free to join us then if you would like.


Moving….there was some talk (by me) that I might be moving locations.  I will NOT be moving!  There will be some “construction” changes to our space, but it won’t impact our workouts.  Greg (the owner of the building) is wanting to maximize the space (which I get completely) so we are trying to be creative.  We will see how it goes….Greg is willing to knock down walls and make bathrooms smaller and do all sorts of creative things for me if necessary, so I think it is a good idea to stay put for now.


I have always tried to be as honest as possible with all of you, and again that is what I am trying to do today.  So….here it goes and if you would like to skip the “unloading” feel free to skip down a few paragraphs.  February and March are “sucky” months for me.  So, if I say something stupid this month or next, please disregard!  I tend to say things without thinking at times (one of my many not so good qualities).  Being honest, and not that I want to use all of you as my emotional stomping ground, but I want you to know that I may seem “off” some days.  I am trying to learn how to navigate through this difficult grieving process and I am sure I won’t do it well, at least this first year.    Last year the month of February was spent helping take care of my dad who died March 9th, 2012.  My dad died of non-hodgkins lymphoma, he was 62.  It was a long 6 weeks before he died, watching his strength fail, the strongest man I had ever known, the man who others depended on, was depending on me and my family to get him through his darkest days.  As I push through some of the mountain climbers or burpees in a workout this month I find myself thinking, “dad would give anything to be where you are right now so you better keep going.”

That being said, March sucks for an additional reason. I miscarried when I was 6 months pregnant and our little girl (Elizabeth) would be 5 on March 3rd.  Yes, I know, I have four beautiful kids and I should feel so blessed.  I do feel blessed and I love Ryan, Becca, PJ, and Emma with all my heart, but I still miss my little angels (I also miscarried at four months-his name is Tommy) up in heaven.  March still gets me a little anxious, especially now since it is paired with losing my dad.

Whoa..I just unloaded a bunch in an exercise blog…..not exactly motivating.  But, my hope is that it is motivating.  I said early on when I started this adventure with all of you that I use exercise as a stress release, an outlet.  I am sure that there are similar stories of loss out there and I have heard some of them from you and I am sure that you also use exercise as a form of stress relief or coping mechanism.


No Excuses is a place where we get to come together, leave our crap at the door, and get our butts kicked with a great workout.  We can share stories of joy and grief as we warm up together, sweat together, and stretch together.  We can take those stories home with us and pray for those families that need it (again sorry if you don’t pray…do what you do, but that’s what I know), recover from the workout, and come back again to get stronger at the next workout, both physically and mentally.

So….based on my mood and need for a distraction, I am taking it out on all of you!!  Just Kidding!!  I have been doing lots of research and coming up with some creative exercises!!   My 5:15 am class is going to get a little PUSH these next few weeks!  We want to continue to see our bodies change and get stronger and need to push ourselves outside our comfort zones, mine included.  My 9:10 and 4:15 ers, I’ll be pushing you in my own sneaky ways.  The 7:00 class is still crankin’ along, we have done a circuit style the first week, tabata the second week, and stations the third.  Always a surprise and always a great workout…those stations sure do creep up on us!!

Can’t wait to see everyone this week!

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