ONLY CLASS AT 9:10 AM MONDAY/Small Changes/20% More


First- tomorrow’s only class will be at 9:10 tomorrow morning!  Bring your kids to hang out while you get a workout in!  I am sure I will have a few of my kids there too.  There are a few other small changes to the schedule for the next session, but we are going to change up the 9:10 class starting this week.  The Monday, Thursday, Friday 9:10 class will be running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:10 starting this week and for the next session that starts on February 25th.

NEXT SESSION STARTS MONDAY FEBRUARY 25th– This next session includes Spring Break.  It will go from February 25th- April 13th.  By the calendar, it will be 7 weeks long, but you will only pay for the 6 week session…one week off for Spring Break.  That week off will be from March 25th-April 1st (no class on the first).  That being said, I am going to take a tiny step back and not have classes on either or Monday or Tuesday mornings at 5:15.  The schedule will either be Monday, Wednesday, Friday OR Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:15 am.  Please email me if you have a preference.  Based on my records, I have on average 5 1/2 (if a half person is possible :)) people come to class on Mondays and 8 people on average at the Tuesday class.  Thoughts?  This is where you get a vote!!  I can’t guarantee your vote will be the majority, but at least you get a chance….email me….click on my email here to do so now- just tell me which days you want to have class…

There are a few Saturdays that we will have to skip in the next session also….WE HAVE CLASS THIS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23rd!!  YES CLASS on SATURDAY, March 2nd!!  No Saturday class on March 9th!  YES CLASS on March 16th and March 23rd!  No class Saturday, March 30th!  YES CLASS on April 6th and April 13th!!

Did you know that you have 20% MORE ENERGY overall if you workout?  This point was reiterated to me today and I wanted to pass that little tidbit of information on to all of you.  To those of you that think you just can’t fit exercise into your schedule….I want to make you an offer/deal/bet/whatever you want to call it.  You come to my classes for 6 weeks, at least 2 times per week, give at least 80% effort each time (I say 80% because no one has 100% to give every time they walk in the gym, but 100% would be great too) and if you don’t feel like you have MORE ENERGY and if you feel WORSE after coming to class for 6 weeks I will give you your money back!  Better yet, I won’t even cash your check until the 6 weeks is complete!!  Now, that’s a deal

Can’t wait to see you this week and next session!  Let’s push for change these next few weeks!


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