Hi Guys-

NO CLASS TONIGHT!  We will plan on having class tomorrow morning at 5:15 am and 9:10 am at the old No Excuses location—-Friday starts the new location.

If you have thought about coming to the 9:10 class…we need you!  It’s a great small group of ladies.  Friday’s (5:15 am and 9:10 am) and Saturday’s classes (7:30 am) will be at Cary Gymnastics.  You will love it!  I still make the promise to any newbies that I will hold your check to see how you like the class…if you don’t feel more energy and feel better about yourself after 6 weeks with me, I will give you your check back.  Do something for you!!

The 4:15 class on Tuesday and Thursday’s will be in the basement of Holy Cross Church on the corner of First Street and Three Oaks.  This is a great group too and we will be starting there next week!

Email me with any questions….lauraweaver5@gmail.com



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