What are you waiting for???? Need a change?

Hi Everyone-

The transition to Cary Gymnastics and Holy Cross Church has been pretty smooth…thanks to you!  The temperature in both places is a lot warmer, we get to work out in shorts in tank tops (yes, the guys too-lol).  If you haven’t been to the new space at Cary Gymnastics, it is huge and if you were a fan of the blue mats at No Excuses, those are back too.  I don’t love them all the time, but for some exercises they are great!  There is also enough room that if you don’t want to stand on the blue mats you don’t have to.

I would love to see a few more faces in class….that being said, there is a HUGE difference between my classes and other classes.  I have been told/instructed by a few current clients that I need to let some of you know what you get when you come to me.  You are getting a MUCH SMALLER class size!  Our class is usually between 5-12 people (depending on the time slot) and the class caps at 15.  Each class is different from the next and you are always getting a total body workout.  The workouts push you to your challenge level, your “uncomfortable” level, your needs level!  Because the class sizes are small, form is a focus and I am able to see what everyone is doing!  The other component of the class that is different is that I am doing the class with you, not screaming in your face to get going!  The workouts vary from day to day to keep your body guessing.  Hopefully you will take that step to give the class a try.  Email me directly with any questions or concerns….lauraweaver5@gmail.com

Also, the 9:10 class is a great opportunity to bring the little ones.  My Emma is always there running around in the back gym at Cary Gymnastics playing ball and would love some little friends to hang out with.  We shut the doors and let the kids just play while we get a good sweat!!

On a side note, I would like to thank all of you for your kind words this weekend.  As we celebrated the one year anniversary of my dad’s death on Saturday, I realized that I am surrounded by an amazing group of people who support me.  I couldn’t have made it through the past year without my friends and family.  Thank you!


Classes This Week:

MONDAY- 5:15 am and 9:10 am at Cary Gymnastics (bring those kiddos to the 9:10 slot to run around)

TUESDAY- 4:15 pm at Holy Cross Church (go down the stairs…all are welcome)

WEDNESDAY- 5:15 AM, 9:10 AM, AND 7:00 PM– at Cary Gymnastics

THURSDAY—4:15 pm at the Church

FRIDAY—5:15 am and 9:10 am at Cary Gymnastics (bring those kiddos to run around at the 9:10 slot)

SATURDAY—7:30 am at Cary Gymnastics

NO CLASSES THE WEEK OF SPRING BREAK: Sunday, March 25-Monday, April 1st…Classes resume Tuesday, April 2nd.



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