Little Late/Spring Break/Class TONIGHT AND SATURDAY!

Hi Everyone-

Well, it was a great week last week…we worked hard and are really starting to see changes.  It is so great when I hear people seeing changes on the scale.  My goal is for all of you to get stronger each day and if the number on the scale goes down in the process we are doing things right!  I know some people haven’t even made drastic changes to their diets and they are seeing changes.  A couple of the workouts surprised me with my soreness….I was sore in spots I didn’t know could be sore anymore.

IMG_2712I ran the race with a group of fellow “No Excusers”!  Jen made shirts, the front said, “We Train Hard” and the back said, “With No Excuses” and  It was so great!  We did great, beat our goal time (or the goal time I said we had to beat right before the gun went off)!  It is amazing the strength I (and I know others) had on the hills….we were able to pass people on the hills because of all those SQUATS!!  After the race I inhaled a few of my favorite donuts!  I cut them in half so the kids don’t take a whole one and waste it…they are too good to waste.  They are from Cumberland Bakery in DesPlaines (yes, they are worth the drive)!!IMG_2696


SPRING BREAK…..IS COMING!!!  We can’t wait!  Our family is headed to Florida, with the rest of Illinois!  That being said….get in those for workouts and we will be having class at our usual times THIS week….Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15 (@ Holy Cross basement); Wednesday at 5:15, 9:10, and 7:00 pm (at Cary Gymnastics), Friday at 5:15 and 9:10, and Saturday at 7:30 (GET THAT LAST WORKOUT BEFORE BREAK!!)

Quick Recipe for the Week:     IMG_2560                                                                                                Turkey Burgers- Package of Jennie O turkey, 1 egg, breadcrumbs, ranch dressing, cheddar cheese

All you have to do is throw all of the ingredients into a bowl…mix all ingredients together.  You are probably going to ask me how much of each….breadcrumbs, dressing, and cheese?  I just eyeball it, but if I had to guess I would say 1 cup breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup ranch, and a half cup cheese.  Patty the burgers and place on hot grill pan (doesn’t look that great in the picture, but that is the type of pan I use).


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