Last Week of this Session-Next one Starts April 15th!!

Hi Everyone-

I am trying to get this email out early today, the twins turned 7 yesterday and we have their family party today!  I can’t believe my babies are 7!  They aren’t my babies anymore….Emma is the new baby, but the twins were my babies for so long!


IMG_2834 IMG_2835

We have had a great week of workouts!!  I think our bodies were in for a little shock after we took some time off….that’s okay-our bodies need to know that we will let them rest, but the rest won’t be forever!!  Some of you thought maybe I would ease back in to the workouts gently, but that didn’t happen!  We worked hard Wednesday!  Friday’s 5:15 morning workout was ridiculous and we KILLED it!!  Way to go!!  The other classes get the same workouts as the 5:15, just not always the same day….so watch out!!

Disney Spring Break 2007 059HOLY COW….the SATURDAY MORNING CLASS is ROCKIN’!!!  It is so great to see everyone rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning to get in a great workout!!

As of next session, April 15th, I will not be having a 9:10 class UNLESS I get an email from at least 6 people to confirm a three day per week class.  Otherwise, you are all welcome to join us at the 5:15 am class M,W,F or the 4:15 class on Tuesday/Thursday, the Wednesday night class at 7:00 or Saturday Mornings.

Pricing for 6 weeks April 15th-May 25th:

3 Days Per Week-$140.00 (new clients= $105.00)

2 Days Per Week-$100.00 (new client=$75.00)

1 Day Per Week- $55.00 (new client= $42.00)

Saturday/Evening Class Add On for 3 Day People- $25.00

Walk-Ins- $12.00

Punch Card (expires in 8 weeks)- 100.00 for 10 classes

Who is a new client?  Anyone new to me!!

Get a friend to register for a 2 day or 3 day package and save $10/$20 depending on package!  They still get the new client price and you save money too!!

For those of you that like to look ahead…..SUMMER PLANS!!

I am planning on continuing to teach this summer.  I would like to continue with the 5:15 slot (we could push it a few minutes later if that works…up for discussion) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I am also thinking an 8:30/9:00 am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I will also continue the Saturday morning class at 7:30.  If there is a desire, I will run the one night a week class.

Some classes will be held at Cary Gymnastics and some classes I hope to have at an outdoor location (even maybe use our pool).  As always, I am open to suggestions and ideas.  Let me know what you are thinking so I can plan accordingly!

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