New Session Tomorrow–5:15 AM

Oh my, I so wish this weather would get nicer!  I am sure many of you were outside this weekend watching baseball games.  I can’t believe that baseball played over soccer this weekend.  Usually it’s soccer playing in the dreadful weather and this weekend most soccer games got cancelled and baseball played.

Today we tried to soak up every last minute of the sun…it was so great to see all sorts of people out on walks and bike rides and kids running around in the backyard.  Unfortunately it sounds like it’s going to be another icky week.  Hang in there, I know it gets depressing, it’s got to warm up soon!

THIS IS A NEW SESSION….. What are we going to do to be different?  Nothing.  I know, weird answer, but it’s true.  On a weekly basis each and everyone of you that comes to class gives 100% effort and that’s all I can ask for.  The workouts will continue to be demanding, tough, empowering, and exhausting….none of that will change!  You will also do nothing different.   You will come in each day and work hard for an hour.  You will leave the long day ahead or behind you at the door and push yourself beyond where you were the day before.

I think it’s truly amazing to watch each of you get stronger day after day.  This week I saw some of you doing pushups better than I ever have, REAL pushups…going lower, doing more, doing them faster!!  That is awesome!! No one stopped when I got to a 5 count or 2 count, you kept pressing.  I saw some of you grab heavier weights….because you CAN!!   I have nothing to do with that, THAT IS ALL YOU!!  I can write up a great, kick ass workout, but it is you that has to put forth the effort and each one of you does that each time you show up to class.  Thank you!

I love seeing all of you get stronger each day and look forward to all of us getting in better shape as we head into summer.  This session is 6 weeks…it brings us to the last week in May.  How do you want to look and feel on June 1, 2013?  I want to look and feel great!  Being honest, even though I probably look the same today as I did yesterday, I don’t feel the same.  When I don’t workout I don’t feel as good as I did on the day that I did.  Yes, it’s annoying to have to get out of a warm bed early in the morning, but when I am done I FEEL good about myself and in essence LOOK good too.  Does that make sense?  Do you hear that I’m not saying everyone has to be a size 6, but in order to FEEL good about ourselves we have to put in the time!

That all being said, I hope some of you take this 6 week session with us.  Some of you have expressed interest and I know some of you read these emails each week and say, “next session I’ll do it”.  Let’s have this session be the session you start.  New clients save 25% on each package!!


Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 5:15 am (Cary Gymnastics)

Tuesday, Thursday- 4:15 pm (Holy Cross Church (corner of Three Oaks and First Street)

Wednesday Evening- 7:00 pm (Cary Gymnastics-dance room)

Saturday Mornings- 7:30 am (Cary Gymnastics-back sports area)

Pricing (take 25% off for new clients):

$140-3 days per week

$100-2 days per week

$55-1 day per week

walk-ins- $12.00

$25 add on for 4th day per week!

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