Thirty-One and Arbonne Party At My House!

I’m Having a Thirty-One And Arbonne Party!   Stop by for a cocktail and some snacks!  (Guys are more than welcome to come, but I think this might be more of a “chic” thing! :))3000


I needed a new summer bag to help keep my life organized and car clean (or “mouse free”) so I decided to add something else to our crazy schedules…a Thirty-One Party!

And….because I’m a stress ball and my wrinkles are getting out of control and my body needs a “natural” cleanse I’m combining two parties into one and having an ARBONNE party too.

So there will be health, wellness, and skincare products from Arbonne and bags galore from Thirty-One.

If you just want an excuse to get out of the house to have a glass of wine and some snacks, come on by!!  If you need to bring the kids, no worries, we will throw them down in the basement.

Hope you can make it!!  3893

PS-I have done a cleanse with Arbonne and liked it (not the taste at first-but you get used to it) and got to eat the same.  I love the bags and they are great graduation gift ideas (can even put college logos on them) Check out the and!!

Bring a Friend and get a little surprise!!

WHEN:  Friday, May 3rd, 2013

TIME:  7:00

Email me for directions!


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