Warm Weather Is Coming…..70-100 Squats this Week!

Yes, the warmer weather is here and hopefully staying!  It’s so awesome, as the weather turns the moods change, people start coming out of the house, BBQ’s are planned, and everyone seems to be in a better mood!  The cold beers and margaritas go down nicely, the chips and salsa taste fantastic, and the desserts are scrumptious!  “Uh-Oh,” you start to think…this is when I am supposed to be at my best, this is when SWIMSUIT season is here!!  Don’t freak out!!  Or, that’s at least what I am telling myself.  We need to have balance.  When we don’t have balance life is not as FUN!  So…if you had a good weekend and enjoyed a few extra libations….or some french fries with your meal….or like me an order of onion rings (in addition to the cocktails and a nap)…THEN you need to put in a little extra work this week.

"If you are going to fish, you are going to have to take it off the hook too!"
“If you are going to fish, you are going to have to take it off the hook too!”

I know that I need to watch what I eat this week a little more than last week and concentrate on my effort level in my workouts.  I will catch myself at workouts sometimes just going through the motions.  I remember that being one of my dad’s comments to us kids when we were doing something.  I can hear him now, “Don’t go through the motions.  If you are going to do it, do it right…..the first time.”  I caught myself a few times this week on a tuck jump or push up or lunge not giving it 100%.  The only person I was cheating was me…if I was going to be at the workout for an hour I might as well make getting up at the crack of dawn worth it.

Classes this week….All the Same except…..keep your eyes posted for a small time change on Thursday!  It is open house and we may bump the time up (3:45/4:00)!  I will text/email my core group that comes that day, but if you plan to come that day send me a quick email!! lauraweaver5@gmail.com

If you want to start classes NOW….come on in!!  I will always pro-rate the session fee.  There will be some exercises that you will have to modify and you will have to take breaks.  There are people that have been coming to class for years and there are other newbies with you!  Everyone is working at their own pace!  Some days I just don’t have it and need to take a break.  PLEASE  go at your PACE!  Also, dress in layers…it’s hot in both locations!!  Prices for new clients are still 25% off too!!

70 Squats on Sunday!!  75 Squats Monday!!  80 Squats Tuesday!!  85 Squats Wednesday!!  90 Squats Thursday!!             95 Squats Friday!!         100 Squats Saturday!!

I'm sure you will all be ordering this soon!!
I’m sure you will all be ordering this soon!!

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