Hey Guys-

Summer News and Plans!!  Based on last summer’s  attendance,  coupled with vacations that you have planned and vacations that I have planned, I am going to alter the schedule a little bit this summer.  I have always tried to vary the workouts so that we are mixing things up to keep our bodies guessing and I plan to continue to do that.  This summer, for a few weeks, you will be able to give your body a rest, but not a complete rest. You will be able to rest those shoulders from all those pushups (not that I want you to stop doing them completely) and give your backs a break from those burpees (again…let’s not go down to zero, just reduce) and give those BUTTS a break from all those squats (not 200 of them)!!    While the weather is nice, there are many opportunities to do some new things!  Some of you can get back into  running, walking, swimming, playing tennis, etc.  I will be posting workouts for you to do on my webpage or sending an email blast to those of you that may be interested in doing your own workouts at home or with a few friends this summer too!

The summer schedule, 5 Week Session, will be as follows……

The 5:15 class will run starting, Tuesday, May 29th (to make up for no class on Memorial Day)and go to Friday, June 28th!  June 28th will be the last class of that session.  We will be off the first week of July for the Holiday.  I will run an additional two week class July 8th-July 19th.  I will be doing a majority of INSTRUCTING NOT DOING during these two weeks….this may be a very good thing for some of you and a very bad thing for some of you!  🙂 After that, there will be no more classes until the end of August.  We will start classes for the 5:15’s Monday, August 19th!

The Summer Schedule for my 8:30-9:30 class will also be 5 weeks and will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays!  The first week of this class will be Tuesday May 28th and Thursday, May 30th at 4:15-5:15 because this class is majority teachers and we  are still in school (I will pro-rate the cost for those of you that want to start in June at 8:30).  Make sense?  The next week will be a little weird too…..the 8:30 class will be on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week.   Other than that, we will have class June 11, 13, 18,20, 25, and 27th at 8:30.  I will also run a small two week class July 8th-July 19th for the 8:30 slot.

The other small change will be that depending on the weather we may be meeting at an alternate location, a local park.  Otherwise, all classes will be held at Cary Gymnastics.  I will send out a text and post on the website the location for the following morning workout.  I would really like to make use of the nice weather and do some things outside (as long as it’s not too hot).  Think HILLS! 🙂


COST:(If you have vacations planned during part of June…email me and we can work it out):                                                     The five week session for 3 classes/week=$115

The five week session cost for 2 classes/week=$85

The five week session cost for 1 class/week=$45

The two week session for 3 classes/week= $45.00

The two week session for 2 classes/week=$35.00

The two week session for 1 class/week=$18.00

Add 4 Saturdays (no class June 29th)= $20.00

I would love 8-10 people at the 5:15 class and 6-8 at the 8:30 class….recruit some friends!  20% off for new clients and 20% off your fee if you bring a friend!!  If some of you are interested in coming 5 days/week because it works for you to come to both time slots this summer we can work out a price break!

IF I have at least 5 people interested in a Wednesday night (need to commit to the five week class) I am open to running that class as well.  The Wednesday night class will be held at a local park or Cary Gymnastics.    PLEASE email me if you are interested!!

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