When Dad’s Away…ice cream, donuts, and pizza!

Well…not a great subject line from a fitness instructor/blog!  All I’ve gotta say is I like my sweets and I need at least a bite of the kids’ treats….I’ve gotta make sure they aren’t poisonous!  Jim left for Vegas Friday for an annual “Guys Trip” and doesn’t return until Monday and it makes my life a lot easier if I try to say “yes” to lots of things (ice cream and pizza)and “no” to very little.  The weekend is filled with lots of YES’s to things that I normally say no to so that it is a fun weekend all the way around…for Jim and for me!!  The kids have been awesome this weekend and we have had a lot of fun.  The twins even did a 5 mile loop with me on Saturday so I could get a run in, PJ on his bike, Becca on her scooter, and Emma in the stroller!  PJ was thrilled to do the exercise because he knew it would earn him some extra time on the video games….

Friday started out with National Donut Day (we walked to Dunkin’ Donuts-that helps a little), but what they didn’t tell you was that the donut was only free if you bought a drink.  So…instead of buying all the kids a $3.00 drink with a free donut, they split a drink and I bought a dozen donuts instead.  When I calculated it out I’m not sure I chose the healthier option or even the cheapest, but I wasn’t left with half a bottle of juice for each kid and them begging for more donuts so in my eyes it was a win-win!!

Later that day, Becca and PJ were off on an AWESOME playdate to LEGO Land!  They had a blast!  Ryan had some buddies over that consisted of lunch at Wendy’s and of course Frosty’s for dessert.  Not even 2 hours later the ice cream man rolls around….ice cream again. Off to Great Grandma’s for pizza and of course….$0.49 ice cream cones on the way home!  This is just Friday!! IMG_2609

Saturday was Ice Cream cones again after a long soccer tourney!  Then, swimming in the pool with chips and pizza for dinner (some corona’s for me) and ice cream sandwiches and cookies for dessert!  It is never ending….


On Sunday, who doesn’t go to the farmers market and get a hot dog and cookies?  Seriously, I think the goal was to get fresh veggies, but the pickin’s were slim and Ryan was starving.  There was even an altercation occurring between vendors that got heated….not very motivating to go back….I think one “fresh” vendor wasn’t too happy that “unfresh” hotdogs and pizza were being sold….oops!

Of course we ended the day with Costco hotdogs and a trip to Yumz!


Needless to say…I have some ice cream to work off this week!!  The push up challenge continues with 60-65-70 by the end of the week!  My shoulder is screaming at me so you will see me taking some breaks…do the same for yourself if you need to.  Pushups are one of the best exercises for your total body…you are working your abs, shoulders, back, arms….it is a total body workout!

Classes This Week:

Monday- 5:15 AM; Tuesday- 8:30 AM; Wednesday-5:15 AM; Thursday-8:30 AM; Friday-5:15 AM; Saturday-7:30 AM



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