Happy Father’s Day…No Saturday Class This Week!

First, Happy Father’s Day to all the AWESOME dads out there!!  There are some GREAT guys that come to class and I know they are FANTASTIC DADS too!!  I would like to give a shout out to my wonderful husband who got to spend his Father’s Day on the ball field coaching his own team (his real job) and watching Ryan at his tourney, doing exactly what he loves to do.  He also got to pick up a delicious home cooked meal from good ol’ Chilis….wife of the year!  I think I get that award a lot.

Also, because I tend to use this “blog” as a mini “therapy” session…I want to say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!  A lot of people post things on Facebook….I tend to share more here….it feels a little more safe (at least I feel that it is).  My dad would be 64 today, yikes that’s young!  I have so many things all ready on my bucket list (or my mental bucket list)for my 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and it makes me sad that he didn’t get to do all the things that he had on his list.  Believe me, he was an adventurous guy when he was healthy and I am sure he had some big plans for himself and was going to drag my mom right along with him.

This weekend there was an ump at my son’s baseball game who was 82 years old-a throat cancer survivor-I could have totally seen my dad out there at 80.  My mom and dad would be celebrating there 40th wedding anniversary (i’m sure I am getting the number of years wrong again-I’m usually off by a year or two, but I think this is the big one) today-dancing at their wedding reception.  I would definitely say that this year has been harder than last year-last year I thought my dad was just away on a vacation, at least that’s what it felt like-now I know he’s not coming back.  As I was telling a friend, it’s not even like today was extremely hard, but it was the anticipation of today and realizing I wouldn’t be going to visit him.  So, for all of you who have lost a dad or loved one, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Ryan, Papa, and Uncle Jon
Ryan, Papa, and Uncle Jon
Disneyworld-minus Emma!
Disneyworld-minus Emma!


On a funnier note….I went out with some girlfriends to Duke’s and had a great time-the food there is delicious!  I loved the BBQ Pork Sandwich and a couple of the girls got the veggie sandwich and said it was good too!  One girlfriend had the pizza with goat cheese and liked that!  What we didn’t know when we moved our destination from The Tracks (it was getting a little chilly) was that it was Karaoke night at Duke’s.  Karaoke brings out quite the eclectic group!!  Some very good singers and some very BAD singers.  We had a great time, especially when a young man, not a day over 21 (not sure he was even legal) decided he would sing a Backstreet Boys to our table.  It was hilarious (we of course realized on the car ride home that this guy thought he was making our night….if I’m being honest—he did) :)!

YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON THOSE PUSHUPS!!  It is definitely okay to give yourself a break, but remember when you get back in the gym this week that you NEED to PUSH yourself past the UNCOMFORTABLE!!  Your body changes and you start to see new muscles when you ask your body to do MORE!!  You all do AMAZING, but you can keep going…DON”T STOP!!

Class This Week:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 5:15

Tuesday and Thursday @ 8:30

NO SATURDAY CLASS—Those of you that are signed up we will make it up Saturday, July 13th during the two week mini session!

(Yikes- lots of dot, dot, dot (….) and exclamation points (!!!) in this email!)

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