Last Week of the Session…PUSH to 100!!

Hi Guys-

Just a quick note to remind you of class times and to remind you to give that final push for 100 PUSHUPS!!  I will not be there this week, there will be a few “guest” instructors to take my place.   I have given Dana and Jen the workouts for the week and I know they will be AWESOME!!

Classes this week will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 am.

Classes this week Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 am

I know a quite a few of you will be out of town as well so please try to get those pushups in.  Like we have been doing this week, push to 50/60 in a row and then break up the rest into groups of 10 or five!!  I know you are seeing results from the pushups and if not seeing the results, you are definitely “feeling” the results.

Again, this is the last week of the session…New MINI SESSION STARTS Monday July 8th!!

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