Woo-hoo….Plank series for SIX minutes!!! 1 week mini session!! Workouts Posted!!

Seriously- who does that….who asks you to HOLD  plank for 6 minutes??? I did and YOU guys did it!!  AWESOME!!!  I think you guys rocked it and it was AMAZING to watch.  You have completed some tough challenges, 200 squats, 100 pushups, and 6 minute plank series!!  WAY TO GO!!  

Today was the last day of the two week mini session.  We will be off for 2 weeks and then come back for the week of August 5th-9th!  We are going to go everyday that week!  The one week mini session: August 5th-9th….$25 for all five days!  Bring a friend….$20 for new clients!!

I will be posting on Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night workouts for you to complete.  Pictures and descriptions are included.  I hope you like them and I hope that you understand the directions, feel free to text me (it can get a little boring standing in lines).

Keep on your radar some of the following….    

Fall Session STARTS AUGUST 19th for 5:15 am class and Tuesday August 20th for the 4:15 afternoon class!  Please let me know if you will be coming to the 4:15 afternoon class, just send me a quick email.

Cary 5k….September 21st….they have asked me to lead the warm-ups and I will need all the help I can get.  My plan is for the next challenge to do a little interval training so we can all improve our 5k times!

RUN10Feed10….this sounds like it is a neat project and it is a 10k the first weekend in October!!

Have a great 2 weeks off and I look forward to seeing you August 5th!!  If there is interest in an 8:30 am class that week please send me an email, if there is enough interest I would love to have class a few times that week as well!!

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