Workout Monday!!


Here is the FIRST of THREE workouts for the week!!   I hope all of you are enjoying your time off, but finding some time to get your workouts in. I will see you August 5th @ 5:15 am (8:30 for those interested-email me) for a week long $25 mini session.  In the meantime, the workouts I post will keep you on track.

This is a circuit that you will go thru 3 times!!  Each exercise should be 50 seconds with a 10 second break.  I use the free gymboss app on my phone so I don’t have to do any thinking and I only need to worry doing the exercise correctly and as hard as I can.  You will see at the bottom of the circuit that you do all of the exercises 2 times in a row.  In between the first and second circuit you can give yourself a minute or two, get a drink, and then get back at it.  After the second time thru there are some arm exercises, then finish the 3rd circuit STRONG!!


1-side lunge with bicep curls

side bicep lunge

2- walking pushups

walking pushups

3- squat jump with knees together to wide squat, to knees together to jump

squat in and out

4-plank twist with arm push thru

plank twist

5- burpees with pushups- you should know how to do these….shoot for 8-12!!

burpee with pushup

7-dumbbell rows standing

dumbbell row standing

8-chest press with abs

chest press with abs

9-backward lunge with shoulder raise

backward lunge lat raise

10 Jacks/10 X Jumps

x jump


Break 1:

Isometrical lat raise-no more than 5lbs. THERE ARE 3s.  Out to side hold 45 and pulse 15, Out in front hold 45 seconds, pulse 15; alternating out in front and to the side 45 seconds, pulse 15; other way 45 secs. And then 15 pulse

iso lat raise

front raise

Circuit Again-Last Time



No more PLANKS!!

Do Regular Crunches-up and down for 30 seconds, hold for 15 in up position, pulse for fifteen

Repeat the same cycle with one leg up for the obliques!


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