Workout for Wednesday!

Here’s Wednesday’s workout!  Hopefully you did Monday’s workout!  If you’d like to do these on different days, no worries, just make sure you stay moving!!

Workout Wednesday

Need 1 heavy (grab a 10, and then a set of 8’s, maybe 5’s) (IF you don’t have weights at home, find something that weighs approximately 5,8,or 10 pounds…big gallon of apple juice, gallon of milk, watermelon, frozen chicken…ha!)

Warm-Up-5minutes— jog/side to side/arm circles/walk out-3 pushups/walk out (one leg forward) other leg (all of my regulars know the routine, if you are new, make sure you get loose before you get going)

This is a circuit that you are going to go thru TWICE TOTAL….each interval is 50 seconds and it is a strength move followed by a cardio move!!

1- Goblet Squat (using a heavy weight-if you have heavier than a 10-try it!!), squat LOW, butt low-thighs past parallel


2-Mountain Climbers-MOOOOVVVVEEEEE!!!

mountain climber

3-Single arm Dumbbell swing (dumbbell comes to shoulder height, squat and lower)(2nd time thru other arm swing)

single dumbbell swing

4-Fast Feet- Wide feet-get low-move those feet fast!!

fast feet

5-Push Up to T-Stabilization (Alternate) (No weights)

pushup t

6-Mountain Climbers

mountain climber

7-Dumbbell Row (bent at hips, wrists are pointing behind you and alternate rows, one arm at a time)

alternating dumbbell row8-Fast Feet

fast feet

9-Dumbbell Side Lunge (lunge to the side, as far as you can go, butt back, weights go to feet)(2nd time thru go other side)

dumbbell side lunge

10-Mountain Climbers

mountain climber

11-One Dumbbell Lunge with twist- Lunge forward and twist into front leg

lunge twist

12-Fast Feet

fast feet

13-Weighted Burpees (using a weight-you can do this with one weight and put it on the ground when you do your PUSHUP)

weighted burpee

14-Mountain Climbers

mountain climber

15- Bicycle Crunches

bicycle crunch

16-Fast Feet

fast feet

TAKE A BREAK!!! No longer than a minute!!

PUSHUPS—How many can you get in 30 seconds???  REPEAT 3x!!


2nd Time Thru the Cardio Circuit is Butt Kicks (make sure you pull your heels to your butt)/High Knees (hands at hip level and touch your hands)

butt kick 2

high knees


AB Circuit (one minute each-repeat twice)

Butt lifts (put one leg up for more of a challenge)

butt lift

Reverse Crunches

reverse ab crunch

Side Plank Hip Touches

side plank lifts

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