Here we GOOOOOOO……one week mini session this week.  Every day this week at 5:15 for $25 and $20 for new clients.  That is a bargain!!  We are going to get some great workouts in this week (shock those bodies), let you rest them the following week with your workouts you have been doing on your own, and then get back into the routine come August 19th.  For those of you that will be new to the class for either the mini session or the new session in the fall, this is the time to start.  I will be getting my body back in shape with you.  I will be taking breaks, modifying, and shortening the intervals for myself so there will be no pressure on you that you aren’t keeping up.  I know some of you want to come and just keep waiting for that lightning bolt to strike and make you do it…..don’t wait!!  Give it a shot!

THIS IS THE TIME TO START WITH US!!  We have such a great group that you will love coming and you will actually look forward to it, even if it’s at 5:15 in the morning or after a long day of work.  I promise, you will feel better….give it one session!  If you don’t see improvement, feel yourself getting stronger, I will give you your money back!!

THE 4:15 Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays would love to add a few more in the fall!  Find a friend….convince them to give a little time to themselves this school year and join us for a workout!!  This class will most likely be meeting at Holy Cross again in the fall.

The 5:15 am class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is AWESOME!!  We are half asleep through the first half of the workout so the time flies and you don’t even realize you just kicked some major butt for an hour.

Saturday morning class at 7:15/30 am if there enough interest…it sounds like there is will start August 24th!

Also, is there an interest for the WEDNESDAY NIGHT (or a different night)?  Email me!!

PRICING FOR August 19th-September 28th, 2013:

OPTION 1- $140 FOR 6 WEEK CLASS on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 am (or tues/thurs + saturday)


SATURDAY ONLY CLASS THIS SESSION- 7:15/30 am at Cary Gymnastics for $50.00 (need a minimum of 5)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLASS- 7:00 pm at Cary Gymnastics for $55.00 (need a minimum of 5)

Add on for Saturdays for 3 day/week package—$30 no class Saturday, September 21st…RUN THE CARY 5K SHUFFLE!!

Walk-ins- $12.00

NEW CLIENT PRICING—-TAKE 20% all fees above!  

3 days per week- $140 ($110.00 for new clients)

2 days per week-$100 ($80.00)

1 day per week (pick any day….)- $55 ($45.00)


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