First Saturday Class of New Session!! Tuesday/Thursday 4:15 pm!


Oh my gosh…I made it thru my first few days back in the classroom.  I swear I get so nervous at the beginning of each year and I have been doing this for quite some time now.  I have always been a pretty tough teacher (shocking I know), I was really tough before I had kids and mellowed out some after I had kids. When I look back at last year, those kids got away with murder (not really, but you know what I mean).  I don’t know what happened, I started to use bribery as a style of teaching rather than being comfortable in what I had been doing the last 12 years.  So….needless to say, I am trying to find a happy medium between really tough and a “softy” again and it will be interesting to see if it works out.

Wednesday was our first day with kids and I came home wiped out!!  It was a long day….and I only teach 3 classes, how did I ever teach a full school day?!?  I am again trying to make adjustments to my eating schedule because I teach from 10:15-12:45 and I am STARVING by the time I get home at 1:45!  The first thing I go for is sweet, I just can’t help it, chocolate chips, marshmallows, lucky charms, anything that is sugary or a carb!!  I start the day great and then BOOM—SUGAR!!!  After I have my few snacks I tell myself I need to make something good, but by then I am coming down from my sugar high and really just want to sit and take a quick nap before Emma wakes up. 🙂

Here is one of many articles helping to provide more details on how sugars acts like a drug in the brain (This information comes from a website that I follow a lot…

Laboratory rats given intermittent access to a sugary drink exhibit typical addictive behaviors almost immediately: bingeing when sugar is available, crashing when it’s not (withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and craving-like behaviors). So, very sugary substances, at least behaviorally, act much like addictive narcotics.  (I guess I am a RAT…I do have a problem with mice you know! :))

Typically, drug-seeking behavior will cause a rise in dopamine levels in the brain even before the drug is actually consumed––the mere anticipation of reward is oh-so rewarding. Rats addicted to sugar ingest it in a binge-like manner that releases dopamine in the accumbens during and right before consumption, much like heroin use in humans.                             

On a positive note our dinners have been AWESOME!!  One night this week I picked up some kabobs from Whole Foods (Delicious–the one by Deer Park) and grilled some veggies (just sliced up zucchini, sprayed with olive oil and cajun spices and put it directly on the grill).  The other night we had Chicken Toscano from A Mindful Kitchen (  with grilled veggies again.  IF I could just get rid of the after school binge!!  Here’s hopin’……..

Can you tell where I am going with all of this?  We are back to school and back to our schedules and need to make some changes!  If you are just trying to maintain your weight and are comfortable with where you are, keep doing what you are doing with the idea that you are going to try to bring in a few more “REAL” foods and few less “PROCESSED” foods!  If you are trying to lose some of that weight we all seem to gain over the summer months, you are going to have to make a CONSCIOUS effort to put GOOD into your body!  It has been said that WEIGHT-LOSS is 80% diet and 20% exercise!  Unfortunately, I think that this statement is pretty accurate, give or take a percentage or two.  Again, if you are trying to maintain you are able to eat what you want as long as you burn it off later.   HOWEVER,  if you want to lose weight, you need to put GOOD food into your body!  (If you want help on coming up with ideas of what “GOOD” food is, please email me).  Going to the gym everyday or 3 times a week or even twice a week will not allow you to lose weight unless  you change your eating habits….that’s a FACT, you will MAINTAIN!!

20 Ways to Socialize Without Food_thumb[2]

All of that being said, there are a lot of great ways to get out and enjoy your friends that don’t revolve around sitting at a table. The bonus is you will be creating memories together that often last much longer than dinner conversation.

1. Take a walk {yes seriously people still do this} OR a run!
2. Invite people to your place where you can control the food (have them to your house and only put out what you want to put out)
3. Join a boot camp class together—-I love this one and I love the group at No Excuses!!
4. Encourage friends to do a 5K with you, they’ll need a training partner!  (CARY 5K September 21st) (Eat Dirt Mud Run-September 28th-Willow Creek Church)
5. Hiking, kayaking, yoga, shooting pool, Frisbee, the dog park
6. Go old school with putt-putt golf or bowling (I’m not sure I can golf or bowl without a few beers, but I have no desire to eat the food at any local bowling alleys)
7. Find sand volleyball courts for an afternoon (We might be getting a little too old for this…I think I would break a bone…but give a whirl….My VOTE would be TENNIS!)
8. Try something entirely new to you like boxing (those Title I groupons have been floating around…let’s do it!) or fencing. Learning together forms amazing bonds.
9. Join an adult league like soccer, kickball or softball (Good luck to you on this one, I think I have banned from anything competitive….I’m a little too competitive)
10. Hit the spa for mani’s and pedi’s (You can bring a bottle of wine to some, but don’t think that’s an option in Cary….good idea though…that would be a special treat!)

PRICING FOR August 19th-September 28th, 2013:

OPTION 1- $140 FOR 6 WEEK CLASS on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 am (or tues/thurs + saturday)                                             12 week option is $250 for 3 days per week for 12 Weeks

OPTION 2- $100.00 FOR ANY 2 DAYS PER WEEK FOR 6 WEEKS (Teacher afternoon class is $85 for 5 weeks) 12 week option is $180

SATURDAY ONLY CLASS THIS SESSION- 7:30 am at Cary Gymnastics for $50.00 (need a minimum of 5)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLASS- 7:00 pm at Cary Gymnastics for $55.00 (need a minimum of 5)

Add on for Saturdays for 3 day/week package to get those hardcores to 4 days per week—$30 (no class Saturday, September 21st…RUN THE CARY 5K SHUFFLE!!)

For example, if you want to do 4 days per week for the full 12 weeks you will pay $310!

Walk-ins- $12.00

NEW CLIENT PRICING—-TAKE 20% all fees above….even the bigger packages!  

3 days per week- $140 ($110.00 for new clients)

2 days per week-$100 ($80.00)

1 day per week (pick any day….)- $55 ($45.00)

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