Another beautiful weekend….just what we needed!  Friday night the kids and I went to the PHS football game for family night!  It was a beautiful night and the kids got to run around in the end zone and play football!  I love nights like that!!  Saturday morning was a RIDICULOUS cardio workout (monday’s 5:15 workout for some of you), and I thought I was going to puke- not sure about anyone else.  Sometimes when I plan the workouts, I think they will be great, and then afterwards I think….why didn’t I just have you guys do it and me scream motivating words at you—why did I just put myself through that torture with you?!?

After Saturday’s class I went to do the Mud Run at Willow Creek.  It was so AWESOME!!  We were covered in mud….head to toe!!  It was so funny how some people went through the course trying NOT to get muddy and our group was trying to get the muddiest!!  The best thing about this race is that there was no pressure for time and it was all about FUN!!!  Of course I tried picking out a girl I  wanted to beat at the beginning (something I always do), but within one minute on the course I knew that wasn’t possible…this was about a FABULOUS experience with friends NOT a RACE (for the record, I think we beat her anyway…yep, still the competitor)!!  There were 9 adults that did the race together and 15 kids!  Of course I have to post some pictures that were taken by a wonderful friend, Steve Scheuer…what great memories….1377164_10201172070916875_1327050421_n 1380433_10201172081957151_1721641784_n


Session Fees (20% OFF Prices for NEW CLIENTS)

OPTION 1- $140 FOR 6 WEEK CLASS on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 am (or tues/thurs + saturday)


OPTION 3- $55.00 for one day per week…pick any day per week 

SATURDAY ONLY CLASS THIS SESSION- 7:30 am at Cary Gymnastics for $55.00 for 6 classes

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Weight Loss Challenge is movin’ and shakin’….D.C. is in the lead!  However, some of you seem to be choosing not to weigh in on a regular basis and that is fine with me…I just hope you have a PLAN and are going to use the “Sneak Attack” method!  I know the scale is not always our friend and sometimes does not reflect how HARD we have worked that week.  All I can say is, “STAY THE COURSE”.  The number one reason would probably be due to our diet.  Unfortunately, IF we want to LOSE weight we have to cut back on the number of calories we put into our body.  We can NOT just kick major butt in the gym and then eat anything we want!!  IF we just want to MAINTAIN…we can continue eating the way we have been and WORK HARD at class.  It is a choice!!

See you soon!!

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