Haven’t been in 6 months…see the offer! Month of Thanks!

Whew….we made it through Halloween!  It sounds like we all did pretty well with the treats, only had a few, if any!  That’s awesome!  If it was a rough day, or a rough week, no worries, just get back on track!  Who am I to talk, I found a new special treat this week that I shared with some of you….candy corn dipped in peanut butter!!  Of course I had the best intentions to sit down and eat my apple and peanut butter, but the candy corn dish was RIGHT THERE!!  Guess what I did this afternoon though, I threw out the rest of the candy corn, because I can’t continue to have it around or I will eat it!

Jep and Cowgirl
Uncle Si

I also have a new treat that is a little bit better for you if you can get past the “unclean” ingredients….Lite Cool Whip with a dab of chocolate syrup or some shaved dark chocolate.  I eat the Cool Whip FROZEN…it tastes like ice cream and I just need a few bites…you can even buy the regular and don’t need to go lite or fat free.   I also love something warm in the afternoon so I have been drinking apple cider—watered down.  I pour myself a half glass of apple cider and add water and then heat it up.  I also add some cool whip or whip cream to the top of this….My feeling is—I don’t work out as hard as I do not to indulge a little here and there! 🙂

Today, is November 1st and I have taken on a new goal for this month.  My new goal for the month is to write down what I am thankful for and say a prayer for those that need it (hopefully this new habit will stick past the month of November).  I obviously won’t post what I am thankful for or praying for everyday, but since I am starting today, I will share now.

Today I am thankful for my students at Palatine High School (being honest…I’m home from work today and it’s that theory: “you miss it when it’s gone”).  However, they do teach me patience (or lack thereof), strength (how to out smart the cellphone/ipad usage), courage (to walk in each day and give them my best), and purpose (to prove to them that I’m not just there to teach the Health curriculum-that I do know a little bit about life).   At times the students can make me absolutely crazy, but then I remember that I have been blessed to be able to teach them and end up thinking about them on my day off.

Let’s start the month of November off right…..WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?

That being said, I am sending out a special prayer to my husband’s close friend, a teacher who does wonders in the classroom and would give anything to be back there.  Our friend will begin his stem cell transplant on Monday.  He is 37 years old, a husband, father of 2 boys and a little girl under 7, a special education teacher, a coach, a friend, a fisherman, and a guy that asks for nothing, but gives in any way he can.  I’m praying for TJ and his family as they navigate the next few months.

Coaches Pic
TJ is on the left.

PLANS FOR NEXT SESSION (New Challenges Coming!!):

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:15 am-$140

2 Days= $100

1 Day=$55

Saturday ADD ON=$40 (must have 5)

Walk-In Rate=$12

New CLIENTS= 20% of (If you haven’t been to No Excuses for 6 Months..YOU ARE NEW!!)

Wednesday Night Class:  I think we have 5…please email me to confirm that you are in!!  We will have class at 7:30 on Wednesdays!  If you can’t make all of them, please stop in for class whenever you can, we will be in the dance room! 

My LUNCH Today:

It tastes better than it looks!
It tastes better than it looks!

I know it looks and sounds gross, but it was actually very good.  My used to make peanut butter and bacon sandwiches when I was a kid.  They were BLT’s minus the mayo add the peanut butter. 🙂  I spread peanut butter on a  bagel thin (110 calories) and topped it with turkey bacon and sliced cherry tomatoes.  It was delicious!  Try it!!

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