Thankful…Moving Forward…Celebrate!

Hi Everyone-

Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving, our family did!  We went to see the movie, Frozen…it was so cute!  I loved the little snowman, Olaf.  I am not someone who typically laughs outloud at a movie and this little guy was so funny I couldn’t stop giggling.  Jim looked at me half way through the movie, with a “are you okay” face (I think he thought I lost my mind).  We went to my mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner, it was delicious.  I have never been a huge turkey fan, but I was the carver of the turkey this year and I found myself eating a ton of meat while I carved.

I did go out on Black Friday, at 5:15 am, but only came home with Kaboom cleaning supplies and holiday kleenex….nothing great for me!!  I couldn’t believe how crazy Menards was…how much WOOD does someone need?   It wasn’t wood, it was everything from dog beds to kayaks—MADNESS!!

I am looking forward to some sweaty workouts this week…I need them!  I enjoyed my time off, but look forward to getting back at it.  I ate Chinese food one night, pizza another, Portillos ribs another (topped off with a chocolate shake of course), and a bunch of delicious snacks and treats the rest of time.  I am sure many of you found yourselves indulging a time or two or three or ten.  No worries…we deserve it!  We will put the work in the coming weeks and you put the work in leading up to it!

THE PLAN FOR BREAK:  This current session ends Friday, December 20th.  We are going to have class the next two weeks, December 22nd-January 5th, on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  We aren’t going Wednesday because that is both Christmas and New Years Day. We can discuss what time we want to go.   The cost will be $40 for 6 classes or $30 for 4 classes.

HOLIDAY BREAKFAST….This is your unofficial invitation to breakfast….for all my clients for this year that would like to come!  On Monday, December 21st I would like to take those of you that WANT to come to breakfast to Brunch Cafe in Fox River Grove….my gift to you!!  We will workout and then head over to eat.  I hope you can make it!!

That’s all for now!   (Excuse any typos…I wrote this really fast)


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