Lots of Snow!! Maintain!!

Hi Guys-

Yikes, I’m exhausted and having a hard time getting this blog post out tonight-get ready for the rambling…I hope I can stay on point!!  We have two weeks left in this session and the goal to maintain and not gain seems to be getting more difficult with each passing weekend.  It seems like as much as I try to be good about what I eat I tempted with peppermint bark, buffalo chicken dip, holiday “specialty” drinks, and lots of meals out!!  Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take pictures of a FANTASTIC meal I had a Ruth’s Chris this weekend until dessert….when I spilled on myself.  OMG!!  The steak was heavenly and 6 of us couldn’t finish this dessert!!


I am hearing from a number of you that even when you are trying to be good with your food intake and putting in the effort at the gym or at class you aren’t seeing the scale moving down or even maintaining and it is actually going in the opposite direction….UP.  There are a couple of reasons for this and it depends on where you are at with your fitness, eating, and stress levels.

If you are moving to that next stage of your fitness level…your body has gotten kind of used to the “new” working out thing….it is time to ramp it up…no more modifications, or at least start without the modifications and then modify.  (Speaking of modifications, I have seen some of you do some modifications in class and I think it is AWESOME that you know that your body needs to do something different to stay healthy..ie…squats instead of squat jumps and overhead triceps rather than dips on the ground, even bicycle abs instead of pushups…..smart.)  That being said, some of you that don’t give your bodies a break….YOU SHOULD!!!  Your muscles aren’t getting a chance to repair properly.

You may be eating great, but unfortunately, sometimes the calories that you are putting into your body aren’t always the best choice.  The handful of chocolate chips is only 100 calories, but that apple you could have eaten might have been a better way to spend those calories.  Remember the goal for this time of year is to watch what you eat, but WE ONLY LIVE ONCE!!  No, I am not saying to go overboard, but you know where you can cheat and and where you can’t.  If you have a bad food day push harder in the gym.  Don’t stress….

Oh, that brings me to the last reason that scale is moving in the wrong direction.  STRESS!!  Oh my gosh, this is such a stressful time of the year.  Literally, I have friends that when the beginning of November hits that they are counting down the days until January 2nd, it can’t come fast enough.  Holiday parties, family, in-laws, shopping for presents, finding the right present, deciding who should get what, how much money to spend, and of course the $$ (are we breaking the bank?) that goes along with it all.

Stress causes weight gain…believe me, it has happened to me and there is a lot of research to prove it.  Find those things that relieve stress for you!  Working out is a stress reliever for me….I feel REALLY stressed if I don’t get that workout in.  I  am sure a lot of you feel the same way!  When I don’t make healthy food choices, I get stressed.  There are also a million other things that cause stress, like job, kids, spouse (not mine of course)….etc.  We need to find what works for us when we are stressed.  I have recently found that if I can get in one run a week by myself  I feel better (don’t worry I love my running buddies….I love solving the world’s problems on our runs-:-), but I need that time by myself, I guess it’s my prayer time for the week.

What do you do to relieve stress?  What do you need to go back to so that you enjoy this holiday season!



sub “bootcamp” for “run” & “daddy” for “mommy” if it applies

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