Christmas-New Year-New SESSION January 6th, 2014

Hi Everyone-

Thanks for a great first week of break!  We had a great three days of workouts on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of last week.  On Monday we went to breakfast it was nice that so many of you could make it!  We were missing a few, a few had to work or were out of town, but it was so great that we got to spend some time outside the gym together.

IMG_3579As we move into the New Year, yikes, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and 2014 will be here before we know it, there are just a few changes to this week.  We are NOT having class tomorrow, December 31st as planned.  I have a sick little girl that kept me up most of last night and I am planning on another sleepless night tonight.  So….we will have class on Thursday(to make up for tomorrow) and Friday.  We are going to go at 6:00 am for Thursday and 5:30 for Friday.  We can get back to the 5:15 time slot slowly!!  Remember, anyone can come to these classes….bring a friend to give it a try!

THURSDAY, JANUARY 2nd  WE WILL HAVE CLASS AT 6 AM.  FRIDAY, JANUARY 3RD WE WILL HAVE CLASS AT 5:30!! We can get back into the swing of things before the kids  head back to school on the 6th.

THE MAINTAIN CHALLENGE:  Part of the incentive for the January session was to maintain your body weight over the holiday break.  If you want to weigh in on Thursday, Friday, or Monday of this week and next to see if you have maintained your body weight, you will get 10% off the next session fee.  If you have lost weight from the last weigh-in which was 8 weeks ago (that would have been all on you…being a rockstar without weekly weigh-ins) then I also pay you $2 for every pound that you lost.

Session Fees: 3days per week=$140 for 6 weeks; 2 days per week=$100 for 6 weeks; 1 day per week=$55 for 6 weeks


WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO START 2014 OFF RIGHT?  We feel the pressure that we have to start something new at the New Year, that dreaded resolutioN.  I don’t know about you, but I hate trying to come up with something because January 1st is the hardest day to start a new “habit”.  Usually the resolution revolves around the word “diet/food” although in today’s world it really should revolve around the word “nice”.  If we all resolved to be a little nicer to each other it would be one heck of a place to live, but that is another soap box for another day.  🙂

This year, I have started my resolution a little earlier, and yes it revolves around the word “diet/food”.  I have gotten “suckered”.  Actually, I am not sure the correct word is suckered, but I am trying to replace those “fat free”, “low cal”, “whole wheat” foods that we are so drawn to and ATTEMPTING to eat more REAL.  Please, don’t misunderstand….I will still indulge in the chocolate chip cookies, the cool whip from time to time, skim milk (I hate whole milk), even a bag of gummy worms or candy corn, BUT I am going to try and replace some of the “fake” foods with REAL food.  I used to eat reduced fat cheese because there was less fat…NOW I just eat cheese, the good stuff.  Instead of egg whites, I am trying to eat BOTH egg whites and REAL eggs.  We will see how long it lasts…I’ll keep you posted!


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