FREEZING TEMPS….80/20 Rule…Maintain

Hello Everyone-

Hopefully you have been enjoying your last few days off with the kids before they head back to school.   Or, maybe some of you are like me and at times are thinking….”Oh my gosh these kids need to get back in school!”  And now, there is a possible “cold day” that will keep them home an extra day-I can hear the excitement through the computer!!


We are NOT having class tomorrow, Monday, January 6th, due to the weather situation.  However, I am nervous that Tuesday will be cold too, but we WILL have class on Tuesday regardless of cold weather temps….we will need to get those bodies moving.

Some of us have been taking it a little easier over the holidays…I totally support that, but remember that when we get back into it this week that our bodies will not be in the same condition they were in a few weeks ago.  Some of us will need to go SLOW!!!   Some of us may need to take BREAKS!!  Some of us may be on our “A” game and can push, push, push!!

The first thing we don’t want to do when getting back into the routine of working out is pushing ourselves so hard the first workouts that we can’t workout the following days because we are so sore or worst case scenario- end up getting hurt.  You are the only person that knows how hard you can really go, you are the only one that knows how hard to push.  I am there to help in that motivation and the group is there to support each of us as we push ourselves, but it is EACH OF US that has to do the work.


Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule?  There is actually an 80/20 rule for dating, finances, business management, friendships, etc.  There is even an 80/20 rule when it comes to social media….post 20% about yourself, post 80% complimenting others.  The reason I am writing about it is because the 80/20 rule definitely applies to health and nutrition.  80-20-rule

There are a few ways this number can be interpreted when it comes to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  There is the belief that a healthy lifestyle is 80% of what you put into your body and 20% exercise.  I can’t attest to this philosophy because I think I might have the numbers a little reversed and follow the 80% exercise and 20% what I put into my body.  I am going to attempt to level the playing fields a little bit more for 2014….we shall see.

There is also the belief that what you eat should have an 80/20 ratio…we can’t always eat GREAT.  With this theory we eat good 80% of the time and 20% of the time we indulge (a little bit).  I really like this theory!  I remember when I did Weight Watchers, way back when, I would eat really good during the week and drink lots of water and then Saturday night (after the Saturday morning weigh-in) was pizza and beer.  It worked.  I allowed myself a treat after the weigh-in…I had worked hard and I still wanted to enjoy life.   80:20

What can you do make your life a little more 80/20?   Where can you change up what you eat or how much you eat of something?  Is it that heaping bowl of cereal?  Is it that extra handful of chocolate chips right before bed?  Is it that extra glass of wine to finish off the bottle?  Is it that workout you missed?


Our MAINTAIN weigh-in is Tuesday!!  10% off you session fee if you maintained!!

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