One More Week….New Session Gets us to…

…Spring Break!!!  This was ONE YEAR AND 6 WEEKS AGO…..IT’S COMING SOON!!! The BEACH!! THE SUN!!! 

IMG_2819 IMG_2821
IMG_2817 IMG_2818

Yeah!  There is a light or should I say WARMTH at the end of this cold, snowy winter!!  Spring training is starting for baseball teams, swimsuits are out in the stores….whether mother nature agrees or not, warm weather is coming….PLEASE!!!

There is one week left in this session and we start our new session on Monday, February 17th.  This next session will only be 5 weeks so the price is adjusted a little bit below!!

3 days per week will be $120.00

2 days per week will be $85.00

Okay….so I mentioned a Diet Bet in the last blog.  There is actually a website, that I find very intriguing.  What you do is bet a certain amount of money….let’s say $25, you bet on yourself that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.  If you lose your 4% you get your $25 back.  The way you make money is if the other people in the bet don’t lose their 4% (which we hope won’t happen, but may).  For example, I would need to lose 5.6 pounds and if I don’t, I get nothing back.  Then, those of you that did meet the goal, get to split the remainder of the money.  For example, let’s say 8 of us buy into the bet….that is a total of $200 in the pot.  Only 4 of us meet the 4% goal.  The four that met their 4% goal get to split $200 between them,  each winner ends up making back  $25 and make an additional $25.  According to research, the more you BET the better chance you have at meeting your goal.

ARE YOU READY OR WILLING TO BET ON YOURSELF?  I think this is a great idea.  I also debated about opening it up and doing it through the website, but wanted to get a feel for who would be interested.  If we do it on the website, we have to send in a picture of our naked selves….or “airport security” attire.  I thought it might be something we want to manage just at class….the first time.  I would like to set the wager at $25.00.  The time period will be 5 weeks rather than 4 weeks, bringing us right to Spring Break.  Thoughts?  Are you interested?  I’m in!!

Some Healthy/Not so Healthy Meals from this Week:

Cut up bags of veggies. Ready to go for week.
Topped with cayenne pepper, olive oil, and garlic salt. Bake at 350 for 20 mins.
My favorite on a weekend…Monkey Bread!!

WARNING:  Jim ordered The ASYLUM, a new workout series and I LOVE IT (he hates it)!!  Lots of new exercises coming to class this month!!


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