R u in??? Class on Tuesday next week…

Hi Guys-

I all ready have 4 people in to lose 4% in 5 weeks!!  The pot is at $100!!   R u in?  Let me know and pay up next Tuesday!!

We are going to have class Tuesday, February 18th at 5:15 instead of Monday, February 17th.  There are way too many of you going out of town this weekend (by the way did I mention I am very jealous).

So…..the rest of THIS week is the SAME!!  I will see MOST of you TOMORROW  and Friday at 5:15!!


$25.00 for DIET BET!!!

$120 for 3 days per week!

$85 for 2 days per week!

PS-Also, for any of you that want it, I would love to do some body composition calculations (this involves a tape measure) and fitness assessments (this involves me watching and analyzing you squatting and balancing).  I would love for you to be my “guinea pigs”!


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