Diet BET + Spouse….No Class Monday!

Hi Everyone- I hope you are enjoying your weekend and looking forward to the extra day off tomorrow.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 am.  I hope to see some new faces as well as we push for 5 weeks….Spring Break here we come!!

Today at church the focus was, “STRONGER in your marriage”.  Each week of this series has been focused on getting stronger in a certain aspect of your life, whether it be discipline, faith, health, marriage, and next week patience (yikes…I think better skip that one…that may really hit a nerve).  The teaching was focused around the song “Say Something”, by A Great Big World. The idea that we need to say something to our spouse before it is too late, before the relationship is too far gone,  before we regret not saying anything.  I was so grateful that I could wholeheartedly say that I DON’T have that problem when it comes to “saying something”….I think the song should be “DON’T Say Something” for me.  I have that problem where I don’t know when NOT to say something…ask Jim, he wishes I would just keep my mouth shut.  As the words are leaving my mouth I am trying to yank them back in….agghhhh….I really need to work on this!

Get to the point….okay, I’m trying…..the point is that I think this song is so PERFECT for so many situations.  If you haven’t heard the song, go to iTunes and listen (  it applies to so many aspects of our lives.  When it comes to swallowing our pride and saying something that is honest, raw, caring, thoughtful, loving, and scary, we are uncomfortable….

SAY SOMETHING….to your husband to tell him you love him, to your wife to tell her you love her, to your friend so she knows how much you appreciate her/him, to your kids when they make you proud, to your mom why you love her, to your dad that you miss/need him.

SAY SOMETHING… someone who lost a loved one, to a friend that is sick, to your spouse when you are upset, to your kids when you are sorry.

SAY SOMETHING….to a colleague at work when they do a good job, to the person on the train, to the person next to you at BOOTCAMP!!!


So….our Diet Bet starts Tuesday!!  Bring $25 and get weighed in by Friday at the latest.  You have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday to weigh in.  I NEED all money by Friday.  As of right now, there are 8 of us, my husband included!!  I thought it would be fun to include our spouses or friends so please pass this on to them.  This is how it will work….if the person doesn’t attend No Excuses for workouts they will need to send me a picture either by email or text.

The pictures will need to look like this:

Ignore the toilet!!
Ignore the toilet!!
I hid his weight for privacy!
I hid his weight for privacy!

I need to see the weight of the person, standing on the scale so I can compare this picture with the final picture to determine the 4% weight loss.  Come on spouses!!  This is an automatic savings account for 5 weeks for date night!  $50 saved up to pay that sitter….as long as you lose the 4%!!

There is no need to send weekly pictures if your spouse or friend is doing this from home and you will not NEED to check in weekly, but I think it is a good idea to hold us accountable!  Yes, I’m showing my weight…how else would I be held accountable.  4% of this is 5.56 pounds!  That is what I have to lose by Friday, March 21st!!  Bring it!!

Here's me!
Here’s me!
Think I need a pedicure!! OMG!!


$120 for 3 days per week ($96-new client)

$85 for 2 days per week ($68-new client)

$45 for 1 day per week ($36-new client)

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