What Now? Class starts Monday!! Huge Rewards for some of you!!

morning workoutHappy Spring Break Everyone-

I am sitting here my last night in Florida wondering how I am going to get myself motivated to do a Bootcamp on Monday….Yuck!!  Did I just say that?  I did a couple of runs with my running and vacation buddy (Dana), but there were no hard core bootcamp classes going on.  There was a class offered each day of the week, but a 9:00 am class was way too early for us to get up! 🙂  That being said, I have enjoyed the week off, a few cocktails, and some special treats, but know that I need to keep get  back at it.

A recent statistic reported that if you run 4.75 miles per week your risk of dying of breast cancer goes down by 42%—  …if you are walker you just need to walk 7 miles per week—Done…I’ll be running 5 miles a week for the rest of my life, now I just need to figure out what I need to do to get that risk down another 48%!!

How does that statistic fit into bootcamp classes?  Well, I’m no scientist, but I would assume that the 5 miles of running is equal to about 35/45 minutes of cardiovascular activity (and we get the added bonus of strength training) and we DEFINITELY get that in on a daily basis.  So…I’m going to run with the idea that our bootcamp classes are reducing our risk of dying of breast cancer.

Most of us had the Diet Bet to keep us motivated over the past 6 weeks, but what now?  I think just being healthy is reason enough, but you can pick one or two or three of the reasons below to help motivate you thru the next session.  If you pick #6…I don’t want to know!!  🙂

According to the mayo clinic (http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/fitness/in-depth/exercise) the top 7 reasons to workout are:

1.  Exercise controls weight (One of the main reasons I workout…I love to eat and don’t want to be 500 lbs!)

2. Exercise combats health conditions and disease (I LOVE THIS ONE….Let’s get after it!!)

3. Exercise improves mood (Definitely…I am a crank if I don’t get a workout in…I just feel weird!)

4.  Exercise improves energy (until about 8 pm when I crash for the night, but that helps with #5)

5.  Exercise promotes better sleep patterns (I definitely get a good night sleep)

6.  Exercise puts the spark back in the sex life (I don’t want to know about this one…TMI!!)

7.  Exercise can be FUN!  (oh it definitely is with us at 5:15 am)


Our new session starts Monday, March 31st!!  Class is at 5:15 am!!  Some of you (I will text or email you soon) have earned @$60 back from the Diet Bet.  That is so AWESOME for you guys and so STINKY for those of us that lost!!  There were 6 winners!!  I lost!!  I lost 2%, but couldn’t get that other 2%!!

Fees for the next 6 weeks:

March 31st-May 9th(we will not have class on Friday, April 18th…but will go Monday, Wednesday, Thursday that week):

3 days per week-$140 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

2 days per week-$100  (Pick your two days)






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