What a Month….Almost Over!!

Warning:  This post has way toooo much information and will be slightly boring, but since this month is almost over I thought I would share my “dirty laundry” for the month!  For the record, this is only a small part of my “dirty laundry”….there is way more that is too CRAZY and embarrassing to share…this is just the rated G stuff!!  Read or skip to to the bottom to hear about next session and ideas for the summer!!

It’s been since before Easter that I have sent out a post…oops!  I have started a couple of posts, but by the time I go to hit send a million things have changed!

IMG_4170 IMG_4171

I hope everyone had a good Easter!  If you can remember that far back it was a GORGEOUS day!  I can’t believe how gorgeous it was just two short weeks ago and now it is pure YUCK!!!  Our Easter dinner was delicious, but we have been paying for it the past two weeks and I started it all.  I started feeling icky Tuesday, and based on the rumors, was smart enough not to put any food in my body that day, because I had heard the payback was something AWFUL!!  So, Tuesday night I went to bed with a belly ache and woke up to Ryan puking and a few short hours later Emma puking!!  (BTW….a two year old’s imitation to puking is hilarious…she now calls it poopies!!)

I was better by Thursday and started to eat on Friday.  On Friday we went to a friend’s house for “Walking Tacos”.  If you’ve never had walking tacos they are hit for the kids and especially for the adults.  I highly suggest them for parties…they are so easy!!

walking taco 1 walking taco 2


However, as we were getting ready to eat I heard the cry from the bathroom…..(now is the time to skip reading if you get grossed out by bodily functions)…..”Moooommmmmm!  MOM!  MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!”   As I peered my head into the bathroom, I heard, “Mom, I have juices coming out of my _ _ _ _!”  Uh-oh, the flu had struck another one…..home we went.  No worries, you think, it’s not puke, but he was making his First Communion in 12 hours.

The next morning….6:00 am….I hear crying….Becca has a headache and fever….nothing a little tylenol can’t fix!  You wouldn’t believe it, but we managed to make it to the First Communion without any bodily functions going a rye.


Fast forward to PJ taking communion, eucharist and wine!  We sit in pew….Jim leaves early (he has to be in Libertyville at 11 and the priest decided to try and recruit some of the audience members back to the Church and his homily was forever…you would think if he wanted people to come back to the church he would make his point, short and sweet….NOPE!!!) Again, I digress…..

PJ turns to me, white as a ghost, and says, “My stomach doesn’t feel so good”.  Please try to imagine this…me in heels (one is a tad bit too big-I think one foot is smaller than the other), a dress (probably too short for church and definitely static clingy), and Emma on my hip, shoving (literally pushing him down the aisle) PJ and running down the main aisle of the church (yes running and we were in row 2) to get PJ to a bathroom before he pukes.

We get into the bathroom and all 3 stalls are taken!  It’s not looking good!!  I say, “If anyone can hurry that would be great, we have a boy that is going to puke!”  A woman comes out of the first stall….we go in….PJ leans against the wall….PJ’s eyes start to roll….I’m trying to talk to him….Emma just wants to play in the toilet….I grab PJ under the arms and to the ground we go…. in my dress (thank goodness I was wearing underwear!)  HE’S OUT!!!  NO worries….a few seconds later someone brought us water and PJ asked to go outside to get some fresh air.  Not a huge deal, but kind of crazy!!

It’s funny…I think it was the wine that made him sick, that mixed with being sick the night before, the nerves, and it being BLAZING HOT in the church!!

Fast forward and we are on the mend….oh no…that would be too easy!!  Becca got strep (after she played in a baseball game on Sunday and infected he team) and Emma puked Sunday night AGAIN!!!  Oh yeah, and Jim got the stomach flu Monday and was home sick Tuesday.  And oh yeah….we need a new roof from the hail earlier this month.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!!


As of today, Wednesday….I think we are on the mend!! Yipppeee!!

Classes the past few weeks have been KICK ASS!!  I just have to say it! I feel like we are kicking butt in the workouts!  I have put more and more expectations on each of you and you have risen to the challenge.  I am so proud!!

We are on 80 pushups this week…I can’t believe it has gone that fast.  We started at 25 and we are working our way to 100 by Friday, May 9th!!!



The next session starts Monday, May 12th-Friday, June 13th!

We will not have class on Monday, May 26th.

We are going to go for five weeks and then plan for the summer!

Three times per week=$120

Two Times per week=$90


Let the count down begin….only 6 more weeks until our summer schedule and we need to get things organized.  I think I heard some people say that they would like to start at 5:30 if possible, but I will only do that if that’s what everyone wants to do.  Do you want to do three days per week still?  Talk to me!!  I am also thinking about doing a mid-morning class if there is interest….I need you to recruit for me….we would need a few more!!  I have a few people that are interested, but need to have enough to make it a go……


get out the door

2 thoughts on “What a Month….Almost Over!!

  1. Sharon Lynch says:

    I know it wasn’t funny but you made it sound funny!  Love you,  mom


  2. Donna Pilut says:

    Love your post. Soooo funny! I don’t know how you do it Laura! But, I am up for the 5:30 class for summer. C u tomorrow. Donna

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