Happy Mother’s Day…New Session Starts!


Happy Mother’s Day!  What a gorgeous weekend!  I truly hope that you were able to soak up every bit of the sun and spend the weekend just the way you wanted to….and did NOTHING on this list….

We will never do zumba…no coordination for me!!



I read such an interesting post the other day and thought I had somehow tie it in to this week’s post.   My purpose for all of you is that after a workout is YOU FEEL GREAT  when you think back to that “kick butt” workout you got in at 5:15am! That is one of my hopes….but my other hope is that you all know how much I appreciate you coming to class and working hard every day.

Sooooo…..the post was about an email a fitness instructor received from a client from her “bootcamp” class explaining why she took a break or missed a few classes….she has a heart problem, has a hurt knee, is a single mother that was up all night with a sick kid and can’t take a sick day, and is overweight because working full time and taking care of two boys when the dad took off didn’t leave anytime for herself. It was not as short or blundt as this, but that was the point.


The point that I want to make is that I think that all of you women are AWESOME!  You are ALL AWESOME, HARD WORKING, KIND, FRIENDLY, DETERMINED, CARING, FUNNY, HONEST, MOMS that come to class each morning!!  You do it for a variety of reasons: to stay healthy, to take time for yourself, to stay in shape, to get those endorphins pumpin’, to look good, and especially  for your kids (husbands too)!!  (There are some AWESOME dads too, but this is about the MOMS today!)



When you take a break for a drink of water because you need one….go for it!  THERE IS NO JUDGING!!


When you modify an exercise….have at it…you know your body better than anyone!!  THERE IS NO JUDGING!!


When you skip a class because you need the rest….you deserve it!!  THERE IS NO JUDGING!!


When you sit out a circuit because you need a break….you earned it!!  THERE IS NO JUDGING!!!

Just thought I would get that out there as a reminder….(I will throw in there that I still enjoy torturing you!!) 🙂

New Session Starts Monday!!

3 days/week=$120

2 days/week=$90

Walk-ins= $10

PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO BE IN AN 8:30 class this summer on Tuesday & Thursday (kids are welcome)!!

Just a little extra motivation!
Just a little extra motivation!


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