Only a few more days….Friday meet at….

We are going to meet at Lions Park on Friday!!  Lions Park is on Silver Lake Road across from Sterling Ridge Subdivision.  We aren’t going to play at the park….we are going to play on the HILL!!  Lots of fun exercises planned for the HILL!  I promise we won’t JUST be running/walking it!!  If it rains…I will send a text and we will just meet at Cary Gymnastics!

Some business to take care of and want to get some feedback from you guys!!  I am noticing a trend that more and more people are coming or are planning to come 2 times per week.   We are definitely going to go at 5:15 this summer, it just works better for a few (and if you decide on 2x/week that’s easy enough).  The 15 minutes extra of sleep can be made up with a nap later in the day for those of you that don’t need to go into work!  That would be me…I love a good nap!

Not my most flattering moment! LOL!!
Not my most flattering moment! LOL!!

So, I am trying to figure out how many of you are planning on coming 3 days per week.  I also want to know if you would like me to switch the days to Tuesday/Thursday if we move to 2 days per week….kind of leaves for a longer weekend in the summer.  We would plan on going back to three days per week during the school year if there was a desire…I will need 3 days a week in the fall for sure!  So….can you please send me an email with the following:

1-2 days/3days (I would like 5 or more to run three days per week)

2-Which days you prefer if 2 days?  Tuesday/Thursday; Monday/Thursday; Monday/Wednesday

3-If the days aren’t SPECIFIC days, will that determine whether you come to class?

4-Which days you prefer if 3 days? Monday/Wednesday/Friday; Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday;

5- If I did 2 days per week early and then another class later in the morning (8:30 ish) would you want to do that to get your 3 days?

6-Are you planning on coming this summer at all?  Please let me know either way-my feelings won’t be hurt.


Costs for the summer…

For the summer, June 16th-August 22nd, depending on what we decide:

2 Days Per week will be $165 for the entire summer!

3 Days Per week will be $225 for the entire summer!

ALSO, I will be CAPPING the class at 15!!  We have a few spots available if everyone stays, bring a friend for the summer!  Please let me know if you are in and what you prefer!!

I saw this and thought it pertained to the Fitness world very nicely…..





One thought on “Only a few more days….Friday meet at….

  1. Donna Pilut says:

    I am totally in for the summer. I guess I could do 2 days if that’s what others do. If so, I like Tuesday/ Thursday. As long as you stop doing so many burpies!! Donna

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